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“Buying fine jewellery is like taking a unique journey. When you find the piece that perfectly reflects your personality, it’s the same feeling of discovery and excitement - like stumbling across a hidden gem.”

Bibi Van Der Velden, Artist, Designer & Founder

Our jewellery : distinctive fine jewellery for those who seek style with a story

More than simply decorative objects, each handcrafted piece on our platform is a vessel of expression. An elaborate and romantic tale in miniature form. Dreamt up by artists in under-the-radar ateliers scattered across the globe, they are charged with meaning from the moment of conception, distilling a myriad of influences into a single item. With a remarkable ability to both capture and convey emotion, our jewellery starts a dialogue between the designer and the wearer, who recognises something of their own character in the pieces they admire. They forge a personal connection with the designer and bestow their own symbolic significance on one cherished piece. The piece takes on a new meaning, and so begins the next chapter of its story.

Our cause

At Auverture, we believe in celebrating individuality. We are anti mass-production, against plagiarism and opposed to cutting corners for the sake of commerce. The commercialisation of the luxury industry has had the adverse effect of turning distinctive design into standardised style. The unique identities of fine jewellery designers and their intricate creations are concealed behind a glossy curtain, limiting the opportunity for personal expression from craftsperson to customer. We are committed to providing a supportive platform for fine jewellery where individuality is nurtured not ignored, and where distinct personalities find common ground through creativity. United by our differences, together we thrive.

Our purpose : unite individuals through fine jewellery to make a world of difference

Nurture the diversity of skills and styles within our designer family.

Protect and preserve the materials and practices of the wider jewellery-making community.

Inspire customers to discover the endless possibilities for personal expression through fine jewellery.

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