"We believe that real luxury is something
powerful and compelling, something rare
and special that isn't ubiquitous"
Bibi van der Velden

At Auverture discover unusual luxury pieces that we have scoured the world to find. We specialise in unique, designer fine jewellery, dreamt up by artists and brought to life by skilled craftspeople in under-the-radar ateliers and workshops, scattered across the globe. Time and effort have culminated in these original creations honed from precious materials of exceptional quality.

The artisans behind these works are true masters of the intricate; goldsmiths, gem cutters, enamellers or those accomplished in the rare art of mammoth carving.

Auverture starts a dialogue by telling the story. After all, behind every single piece is an intriguing tale. By sharing this, we forge a bond between the maker and the wearer. We delve into the inspiration, the idea, the conception, the design, the choice of materials and the time-honoured techniques involved. What comes next is never ending – the highly personal journey of the wearer.

We want the wearer to understand how a piece of jewellery comes into being and even work with a jeweller to create a personal piece that’s truly unique.

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