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Auverture Vintage Fine Jewellery

When Auverture first began, the mission was simple. We would discover and source the most distinctive fine jewellery from creative designers all over the world. Driven by a belief that less is more, we commit to the pieces that will exist as heirlooms and define generations to come. But what about the powerful past that came before us? While creating sustainable jewellery for a greener future is vital to our vision, we’re also passionate about repurposing the exquisite pieces already available to us. That’s where The Vintage Collection comes in, combining a contemporary desire for rarity with the classic luxury of an age gone by.


Quality and value define The Auverture Vintage Category, led by our dedicated commitment to authenticity and best practice within the industry. We work with trusted partners and experts to verify authenticity to ensure that each and every piece that reaches our customers comes with the Auverture stamp of truth. Our in-house experts and authentication partners, together, curate an ecosystem and specialisms of hallmarking and signing allows us to promise legitimacy with every sale. By collaborating with independent and globally renowned specialists and appraisers, we are able to offer certification on all pieces as part of our vintage service. For further details please contact the customer care team below.


Auverture Vintage are pieces from the past, reignited for the present. We hold houses from some of the most memorable decades and designers.  ART DECO  One of the most recognisable eras of jewellery history that never loses its stylish appeal. Art Deco, originating from Paris in 1908, is the symmetrical, geometrical and almost industrial style of jewellery, symbolising wealth and sophistication.  RETRO  Bold, bright and fun. Retro jewellery refers to pieces created between late 1930s-40s, spanning World War II. Colourful gems and eye-catching jewellery distracted people from the war. MID CENTURY After 1940’s, chunky gold jewellery retained its popularity but with a twist. Ribbons, bows, flowers and leaves were at the height of popularity in the 40s. 1960s The 1960s were a time of turmoil and social change, which was reflected in unmistakable jewellery designs. The 60s were a glitz-loving decade, carbon cut turquoise and coral surrounded by round cut, pear and marquise cut diamonds.  1970s The 1970s does not submit to any aesthetic rule, and the whole decade shows very little unity. Houses began creating unique one of a kind pieces. The introduction of non-precious metals were high in this decade, such as rock crystal, coral and carved wood.  1980s Jewellery in the 1980s was bigger and bolder than before. It was an era of playfulness and designs that stood the test of time.


Auverture prides itself in its ability to curate an unparalleled vintage fine jewellery experience that aims to bring treasures from the past back into a contemporary setting, creating the modern day heirlooms of tomorrow. Our team of expert sourcing specialists and authenticators will work tirelessly to ensure we have something for all needs covering the current icons to the rarest of collectables.   Should you be looking for something specific and need help sourcing or need a piece authenticated, please contact Auverture private client services.

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