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Andrea Fohrman

Los Angeles jeweller Andrea Fohrman draws on the natural beauty of the universe to create her head-turning pieces. From celestial moon and star motifs, to setting her designs with colourful minerals found in the earth – such as rose quartz or malachite – Andrea’s jewellery has a beguiling, elemental quality.

A bold use of colour also stands out in Andrea’s creations, bringing a playful appeal to the precious pieces. There’s the vivid green of malachite, fashioned into rainbow-shaped pendant necklaces, or the deep blue of lapis-backed, rutilated quartz in a striking cocktail ring, that evokes the night sky.

Andrea says she’s drawn to “colour, symmetry, and a bit of the unexpected” in her design process, with her signature motifs spanning delicate, crescent moons to sweet rainbows and dazzling lightning bolts.

Establishing her line in the early 2000s, Andrea arrived at jewellery after a spell in the film industry, during which she’d spend her free time creating necklaces for the celebrities she met as part of her role. Soon, Andrea quit the film business and began conjuring up fine jewellery designs, with her first collection based on her grandmother’s vintage cocktail rings.

Today, Andrea continues to create unique jewellery with a sense of whimsy, with the designer’s laid-back, California upbringing – particularly its “colour” and “sunshine” – also weaving its way into her work. Andrea notes that the very grounding elements of her California home, among them “tree-carpeted canyons, sunlit redwood forests, and the waters of the Pacific,” complement her line’s celestial qualities.

Fusing fine materials with a sparkling, vibrant energy, Andrea’s designs boast a very distinctive charm


Andrea Fohrman