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Anita Ko

There’s a graceful simplicity to Anita Ko’s designs, which often spotlight the striking beauty of diamonds. The Korean-American designer, who is based in Los Angeles, says that she “starts with the stones,” when creating her collections, which are fashioned with only the most refined of diamonds. “I would much rather have a two-carat perfect diamond than a 20-carat stone of bad quality,” she says.

Ko, who started her line in 2006, says that her aim is to create “unique and contemporary pieces,” that allow the wearer to “express their individuality.” And indeed, while Anita might work with the classic materials of diamonds and 18k gold, the delicacy and pared-back quality of her designs lends them a very modern edge.

Her earrings strike a particularly standout note, with the Loop Earrings crafted so that a luxurious loop of diamonds drapes over the earlobe, while her Orbit earrings are fashioned as studs that hook under the ear, with a diamond visible both above and below the lobe. And Anita’s necklaces convey a pretty edge, from a real shark’s tooth pendant, bordered by diamonds, to a choker that sparkles with scores of pear-shaped diamonds in angular settings.

The designer’s passion for jewellery was first sparked by admiring her mother’s extensive jewellery collection, which later led to visits to Los Angeles’ jewellery district, where Anita would experiment with having designs made. After studying art history at New York University, Anita first dipped her toe into design with a handbag collection, before returning to her first love of jewellery.

And fittingly given her brand’s Los Angeles location, plenty of celebrities are fans of Anita’s designs, with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amber Valetta, and Jennifer Garner among those who sport her pieces both on the red carpet and in real life. As for inspiration, Anita looks to timeless sources, from classic European films to vintage jewellery. Fusing these touchstones with her very contemporary outlook, Anita crafts designs that allow the wearer to shine.


Anita Ko