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Aurélie Bidermann

Aurélie Bidermann’s highly original fine jewellery achieves a very organic, yet ultra-chic aesthetic. Look a little closer at her signature shapes; delicate seashells, ginkgo leaves, serpents and four-leaf clovers, and it’s clear to see the influence of Art Nouveau and Orientalist art. At her central Paris studio, each unique piece is engraved, signed and polished by skilled hands to traditional jewellery craft techniques.

As a child, Aurélie’s inquisitive nature was encouraged by art collector parents who would often take her with them on business trips around the world. South America will always hold special memories for the jeweller and qualified gemmologist. The exotic colours, handicrafts and vibrant street markets have stayed with her ever since, something she expresses in a sea of blue and splendid solar hues – from turquoise resin pearls to yellow sapphires.

In 2003, the friendship bracelets threaded with Mother-of-Pearl charms that she initially made for her nearest and dearest, quickly became coveted must-haves. Today, her costume and fine jewellery collections have garnered a chic following amongst Sophia Coppola, Beyoncé and Marion Cotillard.

Superstitious to a point, the chic jeweller likes to weave auspicious symbols into her collections. The wheatsheaf motif that appears frequently on gold pendants and earrings, for instance, signifies prosperity and good fortune. It carries a reminder of her childhood home in Normandy and of her superstitious French grandmother who would often pick handfuls of wheat and hide a single sheaf inside picture frames.


Aurélie Bidermann