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Auverture x Fernando Jorge

Abraço Collection

To create the debut Auverture fine jewellery collection, we joined forces with Fernando Jorge, a designer who’s renowned for the sensual fluidity of his aesthetic, and whose creations have an appeal that’s at once enduring, contemporary, and unique. Fernando worked together with Bibi van der Velden, Auverture’s founder and the curator of the Auverture collections, to conceive of designs that he says evoke a gesture of “embrace,” while conveying a playfulness, too. 

“It’s evocative of the gesture of holding hands,” says Fernando of the textured detail that adorns the 14k recycled, brushed yellow gold earrings, ring, and bracelets in the collection. This concept of the two elements holding one another also serves as a symbol of solidarity and positivity, and is a powerful signifier of human connection during a time in which we have all been physically separated from one another. This mood in turn reflects the purpose of Auverture United, a platform that has been formed to support traditional crafts and sustainability in the independent jewellery industry, with 10% of the sales from this collection benefitting Auverture United.

“The launch of Auverture Collections brings to life the spirit of stronger together that Auverture was built upon. And even more so in these times, how we can unite as a community, join forces to address efforts on sustainability, craftsmanship and nurture one another to achieve more.” Bibi van der Velden.

Fernando Jorge Abraço collection craftmanship mdm

And underlining the commitment to the independent industry, the collection has been hand-crafted by a small group of artisans based in Thailand, with whom Bibi has a long-term working relationship. Each element of the collection’s mechanisms also aligns with the concept of embrace, as the pieces are designed so that they don’t separate.

“In a time when we are missing the element of a physical embrace, we wanted to create a little piece of something so special as this to keep as a memory of what joins us all together as people, particularly jewellery lovers. Abraço after all means to embrace.” Bibi van der Velden.

Fernando Jorge Abraço collection designer page image 1 mdm

The earrings are crafted with a hinge at their base that opens and closes at the embrace gesture, while the ring is formed as two elements that hold one another, and the bracelets are adjusted with the hand-like details sliding towards and away from one another.

Fernando Jorge Abraço collection designer page image 1 mdm

Each design, and its intricate construction, evokes the idea of unity and togetherness. “These are timeless, every day pieces that could easily be the beginning of a fine jewellery collection. And as many introductions in-person begin with an embrace, a welcoming hug in the form of fine jewellery, as it’s name, Abraço." says Bibi van der Velden.

Discover the elegant curves of Fernando Jorge for Auverture United, with a captivating collection of designs that is sure to bring a sense of delight to the everyday.


Fernando Jorge Abraço Collection