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behind our first Auverture United

Rainbow bracelet.


Earlier this week we unveiled the debut design from our limited edition Auverture United rainbow bracelet collection, the Malachite Green in collaboration with Maqé.

Designed by Auverture’s founder Bibi van der Velden, we chose malachite for this first bracelet as it’s said to be a stone of transformation, that opens the heart and absorbs negative energy. Much needed in these unprecedented times.

Hereafter, we explore the hand-worked techniques that go into making each bracelet a unique piece.

malachite sml

The bracelets are crafted at an atelier in Bangkok, renown for its high quality fine jewellery ateliers, by a group of skilled artisans who work on each aspect of the piece by hand. Indeed, around 16 artisans’ detailed work goes into each piece.

The malachite stones are expertly cut to reveal each stone’s most beautiful aspect, meaning like the stones, each of the 50 limited edition bracelets has its own identity. Each stone takes around two hours to shape, with the artisan who works on the stone shaping each one so it fits perfectly into the 14k yellow gold cage in which it’s held.

malachite stone sml

malachite cutting sml

The delicate gold cage that holds the stone, which is designed as the Auverture symbol, has a bold, geometric look. To create this strong, uniform design, a master model is created using a fusion of technology and hand-crafted techniques. The shape is designed in a computer model and then 3D printed, before a rubber master mould is made from this print. A wax model is then taken by injecting wax into the rubber mould, from which the fine gold cage is cast, using a technique known as lost wax casting. After this, the cage is polished by hand, before each side of the cage is fused together around the malachite stone, using a laser.

malachite cut sml

malachite gold cage sml

malachite sml

Finally, the macramé rope bracelets are knotted by hand, to snugly hold the gold cage in which the malachite sits. In wax-treated material, the bracelets are a collaboration with the ethical Dutch jewellery label Maqé, which is known for its beautiful yet strong macramé bracelets set with captivating stones. These bracelets, made by experienced artisans knotting macramé bracelets for over 10 years now.

Designed to be worn by men and women, all the proceeds from the bracelets will go towards the Auverture Designer Fund, that’s been established to support Auverture’s designer family during and after the coronavirus crisis. Besides, the production of the bracelets provides income for artisans, who we know for over a decade and who rely on us to support their activity, at a time when the economic outlook is uncertain.

malachite bracelet sml

Be the first to own one of the 50 limited edition Malachite Green bracelets and wear your support for independent designers on your sleeve.


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