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Auverture United x Noor Fares: Clear and Amplify your Energy and Connect with your Purpose


We are delighted to announce the latest capsule collection in the Auverture United series. Auverture United vs Noor Fares. The collection – launched to coincide with the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice – is a collaboration between designer Noor Fares and Auverture’s founder and creative director Bibi Van Der Velden.

Rock crystal: clearing and amplifying one’s energy At the centre of each of the pieces within the stunning collection is rock crystal. The stone is said to clear and amplify one’s energy, allowing those who wear it to connect with their intentions. This connection with clearing, setting and amplifying an individual’s energy and purpose offered perfect synergy with the solstice – a time to manifest intentions and purpose for the coming months. There couldn’t have been a better time for the collection to debut.  And we are delighted for it to be available through our Auverture United series – with all proceeds benefiting the Auverture United platform, which advocates for collaboration, craftsmanship and sustainability in the independent fine jewellery industry. Every aspect of existence is interconnected  London-based Noor Fares – who is also a reiki healer – is renowned for her talismanic designs that resonate on both a mystical and aesthetic level. For Auverture United, Noor worked with Bibi to craft a chic collection inspired by the ouroboros symbol. This striking emblem, which originated in ancient Egypt, depicts a snake eating its own tail, symbolising infinity, unity, and solidarity. It evokes the idea that every aspect of existence is interconnected.   The collection is composed of a pair of earrings and a pendant, designs that conjure the perennial connection between the head and the heart. The pieces are designed in 14k yellow gold and rock crystal, with the gold shaped with a faceted texture to echo the snake’s scales, and a green tsavorite for its eye. In the earrings, each snake forms a hoop from which an angular piece of rock crystal hangs, while in the pendant the gold snake is the delicate, circular setting for the clear rock crystal.  The earrings are produced in a limited edition of 25 pairs, with the pendant in a limited edition of 50. The collection will be sold exclusively at and has been available since June 21st. Amplify your energy with Auverture United x Noor Fares Head to the collection now to view the breath-taking pieces. And with the power and potential of rock crystal, now could be the perfect time to clear and amplify your energy with Auverture United x Noor Fares.

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