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As the industry changes, at Auverture we believe we can set the benchmark for modern day fine luxury jewellery.


Auverture: Who we are and what we represent

The luxury industry is undergoing huge change. We’re all still grappling with the scale of disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we were already seeing shifts in luxury consumer demographics, behaviour and desire. Sustainability and responsibility are words on many organisations’ mission statements, whilst technology is starting to revolutionise the way we engage with consumers.  As the industry changes, at Auverture we believe we can set the benchmark for modern day fine luxury jewellery. 

Our purpose

It is our purpose to unite individuals through fine jewellery to make a world of difference. 

We are the contemporary fine jewellery collective. But what does this mean? Of course the world contemporary covers the jewellery we create, the designers we work with and our ethos, but for us it means so much more.

Being contemporary is all about being accessible, inclusive and transparent. It’s about breaking down the traditional barriers across the luxury industry.

Today’s consumer: Accessibility, technology and breaking down barriers

For many people, the notion of luxury immediately brings connotations of red carpets, plush events and inaccessible pieces behind shop windows. At Auverture, we believe it’s up to us to make jewellery more accessible and to engage with the next generation of luxury buyers.

Technology has a huge role to play. Today’s luxury consumer is younger – Millennials and Gen Z will account for 45% of total luxury sales by 2025 – and digital first – demanding personalisation and tailored luxury experiences.

So, how are we creating accessible luxury jewellery experiences?

Augmented reality is set to be integrated into our business to create the offline luxury jewellery experience online. Offering the opportunity to try jewellery on in a digital space makes it so much more accessible. With the opportunities around AI new advancements can be found in relation to the curation of our products to consumers across multiple touchpoints.

Accessibility also underpins our offline experiences such as the development of our new direct to consumer jewellery box.

Hand-picked for each consumer and curated by Auverture, it provides the real-world luxury jewellery experience from the comfort and safety of home. Customers have tangible products to touch, feel and try on in their own space at their own leisure, before keeping what they want and sending back the rest.

Our accessible consumer initiatives continue to underpin who we are as an organisation and our ethos for reimagining the traditional luxury industry. The pillars of accessibility and inclusivity also extend to our designer community and the desire to drive industry change from the ground up.

Independent designers: Inclusivity, accessibility and creating industry change

At Auverture we’ve already begun our journey to create lasting change and increase the inclusivity and accessibility of the industry for independent designers.

Around 12 months ago when COVID-19 was spreading rapidly across the world, we decided the right path was to find a purpose for ourselves, our employees and our designer community to play a positive role across our ecosystem.

This led to the launch of Auverture United, as a way of uniting our community, ensuring inclusivity for all of our independent designers and creating financial stability in the wake of the pandemic. What began as a short-term financial relief fund spread into conversations across the industry and led to the creation of the Auverture Committee. This brought together some of our bigger designers, with members of the press and industry bodies to create medium and longer-term initiatives to underpin responsible industry change.

Developing a responsible industry is fundamental to create real and lasting change. And when we talk about responsibility we realise this must start at home. The questions we’re asking ourselves centre on what we can do as a company to contribute to a better world. Whilst this might be a big ambition, it’s one we strongly believe in. We’re making the first steps now by defining where we can make the biggest impact.

Responsibility, accessibility and inclusivity

Whether across responsible materials, supply chains or commerce, it’s fundamental for us to ensure this is accessible for independent designers.

Accessibility to the right tools and materials is key for independent designers but not always easy. For smaller companies and independents, there’s no dedicated compliance team. There are also plenty of restraints on time and money.

We know from those within our community, there’s plenty of willingness to drive responsible change, but also a lot of struggle to realise these ambitions. We believe that today we’re creating the foundations to make lasting change – and it’s a journey we want to take together with our wider designer community.

This is who we are and what we stand for.

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