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Bibi van der Velden x Auverture present MEMENTO MORI | Summer Event


It all started with a lot of preparation and many many ideas on how to make this event the best yet (it is a five-day event in the end, it requires quite a lot of work!). As some of you may already know, we hold this event annually along with the Christmas one later on in the year.

This summer, we launched our curator's new collection: Memento Mori (from Latin; remember that you will die), which will be coming soon on The Memento Mori collection is inspired by the grotesque and the beautiful in the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. It speaks of how one can find beauty in the decay which can also be seen below, in the tulip ring. The ants and maggots going around it, eating the tulip and leaving a whole, that all represents Memento Mori.

We wanted our clients to enjoy and have the best time with us. Hence, the event was broken down into three main events, Starting on Wednesday the 12th of June with The Collectors' Preview Dinner, the Nearest and Dearest bites and drinks the next evening, and finally on Sunday night, the Thé Dansant, which is meant to be a dance party where you would traditionally serve tea (to which we added a selection of incredible wines ;)).

bibi-van-der-velden-memento-mori-fine-jewellery sml

We displayed the biggest selection of fine jewellery pieces in our history! New designers that we haven’t even launched online yet sent parts of their collections. Ana Katarina was one of them. In her pieces you can see beautifully made cameos. She believes that it is of utmost importance that her jewellery comes from recycled materials and is ethically sourced. Moritz Glik is another designer whose pieces we so proudly displayed during the event. His collections comprise of handcrafted, one of a kind pieces with his signature design being the Kaleidoscope. The Kaleidoscope shaker rings in particular are very famous and have been worn by the likes of Rene Russo, Taylor Swift and more.

ana-katarina-moritz-glik-fine-jewellery-auverture sml

Additionally, new collections from our current designers were exhibited; Starting from the latest designers that we added to the Auverture family like Elie Top, Annoushka and Bleecker and Prince to the existing ones that have been part of the family since the very beginning. It really was incredible.

Elie-Top-Bleecker-and-Prince-Auverture-Fine-jewellery sml


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