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Bleecker & Prince

Designer Leehe Segal envisages her fine jewellery collection, Bleecker & Prince, as fusing “the sense of heritage” of New York’s Bleecker Street and the “modern, contemporary” feel of nearby Prince Street. Dividing her time between New York and Tel Aviv, Segal had previously designed custom jewellery for private clients, before starting Bleecker & Prince in 2012. Segal was moved to pour her creative impulses into her own jewellery line, noting that she had “always felt that edgy often compromises on quality, and heritage brands tend to be a tad stuffy…Bleecker & Prince is the love-child of these two conflicting states of mind.”

Indeed, there’s both a boldness and a delicacy to the Bleecker & Prince designs. Take the striking Sky Crane Rings, hand-carved into strong, geometric shapes in stones such as labradorite and black onyx, and then sprinkled with tiny precious stones in gold bezel settings. And the Somewhere in Color rings are crafted as wide frames in 14k gold, with some panels that leave a negative space on the finger and others set with stones. Meanwhile, the Sky Bubble Rings are carved as smooth and tactile domes from stones such as crystal and rose quartz, also dotted with precious stones set in gold.

Conjuring up statement fine jewellery designs in unique, striking forms, using all manner of colourful stones, Leehe says that she experiences “pure happiness…when someone chooses to purchase something I designed out of my own vision, my own conception of beauty.”


Bleecker & Prince