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Unapologetic opulence defines Boucheron’s designs. This iconic fine jewellery house, established in 1858, was the first to open a boutique on Paris’s famed Place Vendôme in 1893, with the square going on to become the centre of Paris’s fine jewellery world.

Since then, the house has earned renown for creating jewellery that has made its mark on history. In 1928 Boucheron designed a suite of 149 pieces of jewellery for the Maharaja of Patiala, set with 7,571 diamonds and 1,432 emeralds, which was known as the “order of the century.”

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But Boucheron can turn its hand to playful designs, too. Since the 1860s the house has turned out a menagerie of precious creatures, from deer to leopards to chameleons. Significant among these is the Boucheron Serpent, an abstract motif that made its debut in 1968 and is still an important house signature. And the house’s Question Mark necklace, whose design dates back to 1879, appealingly twists and curves around the neck. Discover vintage Boucheron pieces at Auverture, and explore the house’s inimitable sense of joie de vivre.