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Brooke Gregson

There’s a painterly, romantic quality to Brooke Gregson’s jewellery, with the designer’s pieces standing out for their nuanced palette of stones, that catch and play with the light. Crafting jewellery that’s eminently flattering to the woman who wears it, Brooke says that her aim is to “respect the stones I work with and cherish the idea of jewellery having so many different meanings and purposes for the wearer.”

Taking inspiration from her past career as a textile designer and her studies in art history – alongside the jewellery that her father collected when she was a child – Brooke says that she envisages fine jewellery design as “a…permanent form of creative expression.” The designer also takes her cues from the healing powers of gemstones, influenced by her mother’s belief in their benefits. She seeks out stones that evoke an “emotional response,” with gems such as tourmaline, fire opal, emerald, moonstone, and aquamarine all a feature of Brooke’s designs. California-born Brooke has studios in both Venice, California and London’s Shoreditch (she’s a graduate of London’s Chelsea School of Art,) where she’s based in between her inspirational jaunts around the world. Indeed, a trip to Japan, taking in Kyoto’s elegant gardens, was part of the inspiration for Brooke’s 2018 collection, which draws on Japanese aesthetics that span the patterns of geisha’s kimonos to Tokyo’s futuristic architecture. The designs in this collection number pendants and rings fashioned with delicate leaf and flower motifs, and set with vibrant fire opals, boulder opals, and turquoise. There are also drop earrings that hang with fine gold chains, to evoke waterfalls, set with aquamarines, sapphires, and rubies.

With a line that fuses a distinctive point of view with finely-crafted designs, Brooke sees her pieces as being influenced by the “strong women” who wear them. “I feel like my evolution in the jewellery world is coinciding with the growing independence of women themselves, and how they wear their jewellery,” muses Brooke.


Brooke Gregson