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Carol Kauffmann

Colour – from deep pink, to cool blue, to brilliant green – is infused into Carol Kauffmann’s jewellery designs. This isn’t a surprise, given that Carol honed her aesthete’s eye during her time at her family’s textile business in Brazil, before establishing her jewellery house in the mid-2000s. Carol married this affinity for colour with her past study in sculpture, and it proved the perfect fusion for creating covetable jewellery designs.  

Today, Carol’s jewellery stands out for its delicate yet striking shapes, embellished with intensely-coloured stones such as blue topaz, prasiolite, green and pink tourmaline, amethyst, emerald, and sapphire. 

And as Carol hails from Brazil, with her base in São Paulo, these designs often take inspiration from the country’s lush flora. Among her latest creations is the Botanica collection, whose touchstone was Carol’s trek through the Amazon rainforest. It inspired drop earrings that resemble palm and banana leaves, that are set with removable, colourful gold plated elements, echoing the tones of the stones with which the designs are set. Art also inform Carol’s designs, from the graphic glamour of the Art Deco movement to crafted Japanese baskets, whose construction was the starting point for her intricate Trapeze Earrings. 

“I want someone to wear [my jewellery] at any time and not be able to identify the age it was created in, or the specific style,” Carol tells writer Katerina Perez. “My clients who bought jewellery 10 years ago tell me that they still feel like my designs are as current as if they had bought them today.” 

Fusing bold glamour with a colourful optimism, Carol Kauffmann’s designs make an unabashedly high-octane statement. 


Carol Kauffmann