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Celine Daoust

Colourful stones – often in their unpolished, natural state – bring a unique vibrancy to Céline D’Aoust’s designs. Based in Belgium, the designer travels between Europe and Jaipur, India, where she sources her unusual stones and works with artisans in the region, who employ techniques dating back to the time of the maharajahs. This lends a distinctive, hand-worked quality to Céline’s pieces, with their textured gold and uncut stones telegraphing an haute bohemian look.

Indeed, Céline says that it’s the “irregular characteristics of my jewellery, the imperfections in certain stones,” that draw people to her designs. 

One of Céline’s signature stones is tourmaline, with the designer spotlighting this stone in a rainbow of colours, from ombré greens and greys to luscious pink and turquoise. Indeed, Céline attributes healing qualities to different colours of tourmaline – green is said to stimulate happiness and joy in life, while blue offers a calming effect. She also prizes the natural inclusions in these translucent stones, a mark of the watery environments in which tourmalines often grow. 

Among her most striking designs are chic, single drop earrings set with tourmaline bars in a rainbow of delicate tones, while rings and bangles glow with moonstones or tourmalines in naturally-formed shapes. And when diamonds feature in Céline’s pieces, she often works with slice, rose-cut, and polki diamonds, elevating the imperfections in this precious stone. 

Mystical and celestial motifs are also a hallmark of her work, from the sun and stars on drop earrings to pendants set with the ancient evil eye. 

Describing her design process as where “poetry meets refinement,” Céline’s designs glow with a naturally vivid beauty.


Celine Daoust