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Christina Alexiou

Christina Alexiou believes that jewellery reflects both the wearer’s “inner and outer worlds.” A native of Greece and based between Athens and New York, Christina’s designs boast an authentic, hand-worked quality, with the designer drawing on inspirations from ancient Greece and Native American culture. Christina says that she’s guided in her work by “an uncompromising commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship, and a connection to history and traditions,” calling these values “the indispensable elements of my intricate designs.” 

This former fashion editor’s jewellery fuses ancient inspirations with a contemporary hand. The Heart Bracelet is fashioned in 18k yellow gold, with its wide form and patterned surface evoking traditional Greek jewellery, while a modern heart motif sits at its centre. And a bold lip carved in pink opal or green tourmaline sits on a spare, fine gold bracelet, contrasting this simple band with a graphic motif. Statement stones are also a hallmark of Christina’s designs, with deep green, pink, and bicolour tourmalines lending rings and necklaces a timeless, otherworldly appeal. 

Musing on how her Greek identity influences her work, Christina tells The National Herald that “Greece has always been a crossroad of cultures, which have enriched not only Greek identity, but also the techniques and aesthetics of Greek jewellery making,” she says. “These techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and are very much alive to this day.” 

“Each piece is unique, radiates its own particular story, and seeks to be united with its rightful owner,” says Christina of her designs. Discover the Christina Alexiou piece that’s destined for you, at Auverture. 


Christina Alexiou