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Auverture United Rainbow Bracelet



#Auvertureunited – Limited-Edition Bracelets – Wear a Rainbow, Show Your Support


We launched our designers fund at the end of March, to pledge support for Auverture’s independent designers who have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis. Since then, we’ve been so heartened by the response to our initiative, that we’ve decided to take Auverture United a step further, looking for a way to make an impact over the longer term.

In the meantime, we decided to create a series of limited-edition #Auvertureunited bracelets to further benefit the cause. Designed to symbolize the power of creativity and the unity of our designer family, all proceeds raised from the bracelets’ sales will go towards the Auverture United cause. Each bracelet represents a colour of the rainbow, to celebrate the diversity of our designers. And the bracelets are designed to be mixed and matched and stacked together, so you can create your own rainbow on your arm.

Our first bracelet, the Malachite Green, was a success with only a few pieces left. 6 more bracelets will be designed in collaboration with our designers and released individually over the coming months. The next drop will debut exclusively on on June 26th and will be available in a limited edition of 50 pieces.


You can buy exclusively our first bracelet on AUVERTURE and wear your support for independent designers on your sleeve.


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Watch the creation of the Auverture United Rainbow Bracelet: The Malachite Green

We believe that when it comes to wearable pieces of art, it is important to know the story of how they came to life. Craftsmanship adds meaning and emotion into each piece, creating a story that lasts forever.
Do you want to know how The Malachite Green was created by our group of experienced artisanals? Here is a glimpse to take you on a journey of creativity.

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Auverture United Rainbow Bracelet
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