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> We founded Auverture four years ago to create a supportive environment for creative fine jewellery, to unite independent artists as a designer family, and to connect them with clients from around the world.


> Our founding purpose remains unchanged in this challenging time and forms the basis of the role we can play today. The coming period will be tough and our independent designers and their small businesses will be fighting to survive


> We believe it is our duty to help our designers during these uncertain times. To do this, we have set up the Auverture Designer Fund, pledging financial support to designers during the coronavirus crisis.


> Over the next three months, all profits from jewellery sales via will be donated to our designers in need via e Auverture Designer Fund. We will put all our resources and efforts in the coming months into working towards this cause. To demonstrate our commitment, we will launch the fund with an initial sum of €10,000.


If you believe in the power of creativity and unity to help independent designers survive, we’d ask those who feel they can to invest in our independent designers by donating to the fund or buying their pieces online. Let’s unite.


With Love, 


Bibi van der Velden

Founder Auverture







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Auverture presents
The Designer Auverture Fund


Q: What % of the profits goes to the Auverture Designer fund ?
A: 100% of the profits go in to The Auverture Designer fund.

Q: How will Auverture use the raised funds ?
A: The amount of money will be distributed to our designers that need the most some support to keep their company afloat.

Q: How much designers can benefit from this support ?
A: It depends on how much we are able to raise. But, our aim is to help as much designers as needed.

Q: In practice, how this fund can help designers survive in these hard times ?
A: Financial support can help independent designers at many levels : financing working capital, helping with production facilities or paying employees. Besides, designers who can't rely on government support will need our help even more.

Q: When is the deadline to participate ?
A: We will donate our profits for the coming three months. Afterwards, we will keep on working on collaborations and donations to support our designer family as much as needed.

Q: How will you divide and share the raised funds among the various designers ?
A: We have a committee of industry experts, designers and financial advisors in place to make sure the vetting process is solid and the distribution is fair.

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