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Fernando Jorge


“The energy that surrounds jewellery has always been part of human history,” says the Brazilian-born, London-based jeweller Fernando Jorge. “People were hunting and saving parts of animals to adorn themselves and create an image, and that became more and more elaborate. But the energy is still the same – it’s this connection that you can’t explain.”


Fernando took a circuitous route to finding his métier. The designer looked back to a childhood love of drawing and decided to study design in Brazil. But it was an apprenticeship in a jewellery workshop in São Paulo that first sealed his passion for jewellery. Next, after graduating with a master’s in jewellery design from London’s Central Saint Martins, he launched his Fernando Jorge jewellery line in 2010.


Since then, he’s built a loyal following of chic clients who love the inimitable way that he works opals, lapis, aquamarines, chalcedonies and diamonds into organic shapes. Indeed, the fluid shapes he creates are inspired by the human form and his own very Brazilian take on “sensuality”. The designer believes that the stones he works with impart a special energy of their own. “They’re hidden parts of nature that we dig out and we treasure, and they tell a story about where they’re from and carry with them some of that energy.”

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Fernando Jorge

Glimpse the alchemy that goes into creating the unique jewellery designs we carry on Auverture. Here, we go behind the scenes at Fernando Jorge. We become the spectators seeking an overview of the whole creative process. What we see leads us to understand exactly how Auverture’s jewellers have arrived at some of their most bewitching pieces.

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Fernando Jorge

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Fernando Jorge
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