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Harwell Godfrey



“I love the idea of creating pieces that people can connect with not only visually, but energetically,” says Lauren Harwell Godfrey of her designs, which spotlight stones such as pink opal, lapis, onyx, and tiger’s eye. “I originally started working with rough natural stones and crystals because I found them visually interesting, but over time I found myself tuning in to the energy that they carry.” 


Lauren, who is based in San Francisco, was drawn to the craft of jewellery for its hand-making process. She’d segued into fine jewellery from designing accessories, having previously trained as a chef, after leaving her 15-year career as an art director and creative director. “I’ve definitely been bitten by the jewellery bug,” says Lauren. 


A number of Lauren’s pieces contain hidden depths, with opulent, pearl-set poison rings and lockets among her collection. “I loved the idea of jewellery as a place to hold something meaningful close to you,” says Lauren. While a solid perfume insert that Lauren has created with perfumer Loreto Remsing can be worn inside these designs’ hidden compartments, they can also hold a “written intention or note,” says Lauren, or even, she jokes, “a Xanax. Whatever you’re into—no judgment!”


For an elegantly modern spin on jewellery and stones’ talismanic power, explore the Harwell Godfrey collection at Auverture. 

Harwell Godfrey
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