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From spiders to butterflies, to ladybugs and wild mushrooms, Heting’s designer Carina Wong leaves no stone in the enchanted garden unturned when seeking inspiration for her magical, intricately crafted jewellery designs. When creating her pieces, Carina wishes for those who wear them to “find elegance in the mysticism of organic forms.”


Indeed, the natural world is heightened and celebrated in the Heting collection. Mystical mushrooms, coloured with enamel and embellished with precious stones, sprout on rings, necklaces, and earrings, while cicadas and spiders adorn cocktail rings, and butterflies sparkle with precious stones as a pair of drop earrings. 


Carina is devoted to spending time in nature, a pastime that has shaped her aesthetic.  “We love to document our time outside by collecting specimens such as leaves and twigs, as well as taking pictures of small insects and animals before collating them into a scrapbook for future reference and inspiration,” Carina tells the South China Morning Post. “These field trips make us realise just how beautiful Mother Nature really is.” 


Carina trained at the Gemological Institute of America in Hong Kong, noting that studying the natural imperfections in stones under a microscope taught her to appreciate them more. “This is what gives the gems their character,” she tells the SCMP. Now, Carina works with 18k gold in varying tones, with her pieces detailed with enamel, and embellished with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies through to colour-change garnets, amethysts, and tourmalines. 


And as beautiful as they are, Carina sees her designs as more than just adornments. “I want to create jewellery that people can see as wearable art pieces…with stories behind them,” Carina said upon winning a Saul Bell Design Award in 2018, noting that the organic forms of her jewellery express “love and gratitude towards Mother Earth and its wonders.” 


Explore the Heting jewellery collection for yourself, and embrace its at once earthy and otherworldly appeal.

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