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Sensual opulence, a global sensibility, and a hand-crafted appeal are all hallmarks of jeweller Elhanati’s designs. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the designer boasts both Middle Eastern and Nordic heritage, with both aspects of her intriguing background filtering into her collections.

For example, it’s Elhanati’s childhood summers in Tel Aviv – spent with her jewellery-loving grandmother – that inspire pieces such as the Tel Aviv pendant necklace, fashioned in 18k yellow gold and set with colourful sapphires and diamonds. Meanwhile, the works of Henri Matisse are also a touchstone, informing the expressive, organic forms of earrings and bracelets, again in richly-toned 18k yellow gold.

Among the designer’s latest collections is Small Worlds, a series of pendants inspired by locales around the world, which Elhanati imagines as “a glimpse through a window.” Pieces in the collection include the Moskva pendant, whose 18k yellow gold surface is etched with diamonds, emeralds, and an opal, to evoke the romance of the Russian city. And the Miami pendant spotlights a blazing sun captured within a square pendant, whose rays sparkle with diamonds and sapphires.

Meanwhile, the designer also explores a raw, almost ancient aesthetic with her Drawn collection. This range spotlights textured earrings and articulated necklaces in 18k yellow gold, whose hand-worked forms evoke the intricacy of animal shells or early armour.

Having launched her line in 2012, Elhanati in 2015 won an Elle award recognising her unique designs. Creating jewellery to chime in with her inspirations rather than according to strict seasons, Elhanati declares that her jewellery isn’t “a trend, but a style.” She designs pieces with the intention that they will be passed down through the generations, imagining that her jewellery will “beautify the bearer and become a part of their own story.”