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Eva Fehren

Eva Fehren, who studied Fine Arts at New York’s Cooper Union, was born and raised in the buzzing city. Indeed, Gotham is woven into her designs, with the city’s geometric urban patterns and iconic architecture all traceable in her work. “I’m driven by the energy of New York City…and the juxtaposition of grit and grandiose beauty,” says Eva, adding that she’s drawn to unexpected stones that evoke the city’s hard edge, particularly diamonds whose flaws lead them to “look like cement.”

One of the designer’s signatures are her original X Rings. These graphic rings are composed of two bands fused together to create an “X,” silhouette, embellished with stones such as black and white diamonds, their colour inspired by television static. Eva says that the X Ring embraces “the concept of complete symmetry,” in a design that’s “minimal, effortless, and elegant.”

In tandem with her jewellery design, Eva expresses her creativity through painting, telling Domino that her work in this medium is “gestural and instinctual,” in contrast to her jewellery’s “precise and minimal” qualities. That said, she adds that both her painting and jewellery are “graphic and monochromatic, and they evolve side by side. “I would not be able to do one without the other,” she muses.

Strong yet feminine, Eva Fehren’s jewellery beautifully encapsulates elegance and edge.


Eva Fehren