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What really matters to you? For many of us, the way in which the global lockdowns have curtailed our hectic existences has shown just how vital our close relationships are.

Indeed, the crisis has meant that many are seeing their partnerships in a new light, and have been prompted to make their commitment official or renew it.

Of course, the most momentous way to mark this occasion is with a ring that both reflects a loved one’s personality and symbolizes the bond between you. Even if marriage isn’t what you have in mind or even if you are already married, a piece of jewellery can be a powerful way to show someone just what they mean to you.

Since ancient Egyptian times, rings have been worn as a sign of commitment, with their circular shape signifying endless love. In ancient Egypt, braided bands of reeds would be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand, symbolic for what was believed at the time to be the vena amoris, said to run from the fourth finger to the heart (though it’s now known that veins from all fingers follow the same path.)

By Roman times, metal rings had become more commonplace as a symbol of commitment, with gold rings becoming popular by the 9th Century. While wedding and engagement rings might have since evolved into highly precious pieces, the sentiment remains the same. And today, expressing your love through a piece of jewellery doesn’t have to look traditional.

At Auverture, our designers each have their own unique take on wedding and engagement pieces, that upend jewellery clichés. Whether you’re celebrating a proposal or planning your nuptials for the months to come, explore our curation of some of the most exciting engagement and wedding pieces from Auverture, and discover a ring that speaks a thousand words.

If you’re seeking out a truly edgy engagement ring, Delfina Delettrez’s Linked Dots Diamond Ring fits the bill. Crafted in cool, 18k white gold, this ring fuses three bands: a single band dotted with white diamonds that sits in the middle of the ring, bordered by two open-ended bands, each set with a diamond at both ends. A modern take on the classic diamond ring.


Linked-Dots-Diamond-Ring sml

Sapphire and Diamonds Ring by Moritz Glik



Who says an engagement ring can’t be playful? This Moritz Glik Sapphire and Diamonds Ring spotlights a hollow sapphire filled with loose white diamonds, which move as the wearer does. Set on an 18k rose gold band, embellished with white pavé diamonds, a pink sapphire sits above the band, for a delicate flash of colour.

For those who prefer their engagement rings sleek and subtle, Alice Cicolini’s Memphis Pavé Band makes a chic choice. This fine, open-ended band is designed in 14k yellow gold, and set with white diamonds and soft-toned, pale purple sapphires.

Memphis Pavé Band by Alice Cicolini

Journal-Engagement-Rings4-min sml

Memphis-Pavé-Band sml

Another beautifully unexpected wedding or engagement ring, Fernando Jorge’s Small Sequence Band makes a feature of white diamonds in graduating sizes. And its open-ended design wraps around the finger with a fluid flourish, for a stylish, contemporary look.

Small Sequence Band by Fernando Jorge


small sequence band by fernando jorge sml

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring by Bibi van der Velden

Bibi van der Velden’s Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring marries the historic and the contemporary. The appealing rose cut diamond came to prominence in the 16th Century, and retains a soft, vintage appeal. The rose cut diamond in this ring is set amidst pavé grey diamonds, and sits on an 18k rose gold band, conveying a timeless elegance.

rose cut engagement ring by bibi van der velden sml

Sophie Bille Brahe creates her Botticelli Earring on a bountiful scale. The earring’s focal point is a cluster of beautiful freshwater pearls, with a large pearl at the post and a smaller pearl at the drop, with the stones set in 14k yellow gold.


Botticelli Grande Single Earring by Sophie Bille Brahe

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