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Feeling at home with Ana Katarina: routines, daily walks and growing a creative garden


This March, we have launched an initiative called #Auvertureunited with the intention of helping the Corona virus affected independent designers by raising funds for them. 

Auverture has pledged to donate three months’ proceeds to the Auverture Designer Fund which is graciously accepting individual donations, too. As part of the campaign, we are in touch with our Auverture designer family about their coping mechanisms, inspiration and all that during these extremely testing times. This week, we talk to Ana Katarina about her approach and determination regarding the challenges of this pandemic.

Ana Katarina designs timeless jewellery inspired by her epic background. Starting from her humanitarian work to her journey of being a jewellery designer, everything works as an inspiration for the mesmerizing jewellery she makes.

The Eye Love collection must be mentioned as one of her most renowned work.  Ana Katarina is a proud member of the Ethical Metalsmiths and American Gem Trade Association as she chooses to design her jewellery from recycled, reclaimed and fair trade precious metals and stones.


Auverture: Can you talk about any strategies or activities that are helping you stay positive during these difficult times?

Ana Katarina: My daily spiritual practice. I meditate every morning followed by writing 5 things for which I am grateful and my daily affirmation.

A: What daily rituals and routines do you find helpful?

AK: I have always loved routines!  I take daily walks and focus on growing my creative garden. I draw and design every day. In the evenings my girls and I work on a puzzle and watch a movie.


A: At times like this, does your creative process bring you comfort?

AK: Yes! There is meditative and focused energy to the creative process. The process starts in my head and gestates for a bit. This blocks out other thoughts as the design starts to evolve. Once I start sketching I feel as if I am descending into a rabbit hole falling deeper and deeper into the project. It is a place I can get lost in for hours and even days.

A: We’re all now living a less social existence, do you think that’s meant you can focus on different aspects of your work, or perhaps look into new ideas?

AK: Yes! Sheltering in has allowed me unfettered time to develop new pieces for our existing collections and start drawing the capsule collections I have been dreaming about creating. Another creative outlet has been our Iconic Women series. I am uplifted by strong women’s stories. Our Iconic Women series is now on Instagram Live. We are interviewing exceptional women, learning about their ikigai (life’s purpose), and their journeys.


A: Can you share with Auverture’s readers anything that you’re looking to for hope in these tough times?

AK: I am an eternal optimist. I was a war correspondent and lived in Sarajevo. The lessons I learned then keep me hopeful now. Humans are resilient and wonderful. Despite wars, pandemics, and economic crises humans still fall in love, make love, have babies and love their families and communities. Nature is always changing around us and shows us wonder and hope. A crocus blooms despite a coming snowstorm. Is this not hope? Hope is all around us. We just have to see it with an open heart.

A: Has the crisis changed your priorities/values at all?

AK: Since my wartime experiences, I have always placed family, friends and simple pleasures above other things. I think this is all magnified during this time. I feel deeper. I am more protective. I am more attentive as I am reminded of our fragility and transience.

A: The Auverture Designer Fund has pledged to support designers during the current crisis. What made you decide to contribute personally and donate 20% of your global sales?

AK: It was a simple decision. Do good and the world is a better place.

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