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Feeling at home with Spinelli Kilcollin : positive thinking, music and creative visualization


In March, we launched #Auvertureunited, our initiative to raise funds to support independent jewellery designers during the coronavirus crisis.

As part of the initiative, we’re donating 100% of the proceeds to The Auverture Designer fund on Auverture over the coming three months, beginning March 20. During this time, to find out more about how the designers within our Auverture family are adapting to this challenging new way of living, we’ll be posting a series of interviews with Auverture’s creatives. We’ll ask designers about their insights into how to maintain positivity, foster creativity, and find inspiration during these unprecedented times.

Spinelli Kilcollin is a jewellery collection created by Yves Spinelli and his artist partner Dwyer Kilcollin, which initially stemmed from Yves’ inspiration to create a line of “clean and architectural” jewellery. Describing the brand’s aesthetic as “contemporary and minimalist,” both Yves and Dwyer draw on their creative backgrounds in their designs. The Galaxy design is formed of interlinking rings, which are joined by connecting elements and appear “stacked” on the wearer’s finger. Alongside the duo’s original collection of Galaxy Rings, the collection boasts bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, many of which riff on circular forms.


Auverture: Can you talk about any strategies or activities that are helping you stay positive during these difficult times?

Spinelli: We’ve been spending a lot of time examining the core of our brand and our business. This uncertainty in the world brings opportunity for change. How can we stay positive and objective and embrace this? When Dwyer and I started Spinelli Kilcollin ten years ago, we shared a desk in our garage and packed boxes on our kitchen table – just like we’re doing now! We were excited for all of the adventures that lay ahead for us. Getting back into that same headspace turns all of my doubt and fear around quickly. 

A: What daily rituals and routines do you find helpful?

S: When I wake up, before looking at my phone or emails, I spend 15 – 30 minutes breathing and collecting my thoughts. I focus on positive things in my life that I’m thankful for and things that make me happy. I believe in  and laws of attraction. I know that I’ve overcome challenges in my life, and I know that others are also dealing with big challenges. When I can focus, I believe that we can all persevere.

A: At times like this, does your creative process bring you comfort?

S: Music brings me a lot of comfort. We have the amazing radio station KUSC 91.5 playing classical music non-stop in our office. We have been feeling empowered creatively organizing the logistics and mechanics of our business each day.

spinelli kilcollin ring sml

A: We’re all now living a less social existence do you think that’s meant you can focus on different aspects of your work, or perhaps look into new ideas?

S: We’ve worked closely with clients through our website and social media for years. This is an opportunity to get even more creative on how we engage with each other. We’ve had a lot of great phone calls and video calls with clients and it’s fun to be more communicative. I’ve actually found that people are very understanding and open to new ways of working together.

A: Can you share with Auverture’s readers anything that you’re looking to for hope in these tough times?

S: We have a two year old son, and spending time with him is such a joy. It’s such an innocent age where something like rain cascading down the window is new and exciting. Experiencing that with him helps me realize the essence of life and creativity.

A: Has the crisis changed your priorities/values at all? 

S: It’s brought us to examine everything in our lives. When you need to focus on everything in this light, it’s very clear what’s important to you and what’s not. Our core values remain the same, and we’re focusing on what we really want in our lives.

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