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Beautiful jewellery with a depth of meaning is Foundrae’s calling card. Beth serves as creative director at Foundrae, which she founded together with her husband Murat Bugdaycay. The designer has deep roots in the fashion industry – before she started Foundrae, she had been co-founder and CEO of Rebecca Taylor for 18 years. But when she was moved to take a more creative approach to her work, Beth conceived of Foundrae, which was fuelled by her desire to create a collection around her life philosophy, which she describes as living “beautifully and meaningfully.”

The jewellery – like the label’s name – pays homage to the designer’s affinity for found objects. The designer is inspired by vintage pieces, which she re-imagines in 18kt gold.

Alongside her striking creations, Beth imbues her jewellery with symbolism. Her designs include an enamelled ring fashioned in 18kt gold and set with a scarab motif, to represent a form of the Egyptian sun god, Ra. The designer says she developed the amulet to “shield ourselves from our own negative thoughts.” There’s also the ‘Petite Karma Medallion Pendent,’ crafted in 18kt, enamelled gold. It is etched with the symbol 8, to represent both karma and infinity, and is part of Foundrae’s Karma collection, which is designed to “remind ourselves to seek truth and enlightenment,” Beth says.