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Gaelle Khouri

Gaelle Khouri’s pieces are presented as both, philosophical ideas and aesthetic objects. Echoing Gaelle’s fascination with philosophy, the physicality of the pieces is intense and intricate, much like the intangible realm of the thought. Created from a natural organic thinking Gaelle Khouri’s DNA lies in a three-dimensional approach to design.

Born into a family of academics, Gaelle Khouri left Lebanon for New York City at 20 to study and pursue a career in economics but soon found herself battling with a more intrinsic desire to work in the design industry. Seizing an opportunity to work with the likes of Oscar De La Renta, New York and Elie Saab. Returning to Beirut, Gaelle realized a newfound confidence and her vision for the future. Gaelle returned to her studies, learning a new trade-in fine Jewellery design and carving out her career.   New collection ‘LA TRAHISON DE L’OBJET’ In her latest collection “La Trahison de L’Objet” Gaelle explores the puzzling process by which we experience and perceive the concepts of beauty and how we react to objects around us. The collection is inspired by two branches of philosophical thought, Empiricism and Innatism, each explaining the meaning of beauty, our divergent perceptions, ideals and judgements.  Handmade from a mixology of the finest materials and a play of textures the collection offers two categories: Eléments Vivants, presenting pieces that explore the idea of nature. The pieces are created to echo tangible elements that are found in the natural world. From the subdued to the bold, the present a short meditation on how to interpret the natural world. Répertoire de Formes, presenting pieces that explore the idea of form. The pieces look anew at elemental shapes and reflect on their various manifestations away from a simplistic view.


Gaelle Khouri