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Gaelle Khouri

This Lebanese designer’s creations stand out for their rare, unique beauty. Her first collection, “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” is inspired by what Khouri calls “the connection between woman and nature.” That touchstone results in designs that have an organic yet otherworldly appeal – a pair of octopus earrings whose tentacles sparkle with pink sapphires, or an intricate spider brooch, its body a mesmerizing amethyst and its spindly legs fashioned from 18ct yellow gold and blackened silver. “There’s something very beautiful, but at the same time very ugly about them,” muses Khouri of insects. “Which is exactly how our emotions are….this contrast between feeling good and feeling bad, which is what interests me.”

Gaelle Khouri creates her beautifully elaborate jewellery to lend the women who wear it a feeling of strength, so they can “better express who they are, silently and effortlessly,” says the jeweller.

Khouri, who is now based between London and Beirut, says designing jewellery allows her to express the “creative” side of her personality, having segued into design after working in economics and finance in New York and Beirut. Sensing she “wanted to do something different,” Khouri tested the water with internships at Oscar de la Renta in New York and Elie Saab in Beirut, before moving back to Beriut, and training in the art of jewellery making with Lebanese painter Bernard Renno.


Gaelle Khouri