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Genderless Jewellery: It’s all about the individual and their identity


“Jewellery has become part of style in the last 10 years. It’s not only about showing power or status now. It’s a lot more about expressing yourself and your identity.” Boucheron chief executive Hélène Poulit-Duquesne.

The question is, do most genderless jewellery collections truly allow the wearer to express their identity? To answer this, let’s take a look at what we mean by genderless jewellery. The simplistic view is that it’s jewellery that is designed to be worn by all genders. But viewing it this way, has led to the rise in gender-neutral collections, something that we’ve seen the more traditional and established luxury brands go for. These collections are characterised by a focus on solid metals and small, clear stones rather than high-fashion, extravagant pieces. Whilst this may tick the box of jewellery that can be worn by a man or a woman, it ignores the notion of people of all genders wanting to express their individual identity. Instead, let’s flip the concept of genderless jewellery. To us, it is a celebration of identity and individuality. We want the wearer to express themselves and be noticed with jewellery that truly speaks to them as an individual. A key part of our ethos as a contemporary fine jewellery collective is to be inclusive. Our collections and designs must therefore cater to individuality. And it’s this ethos that underpins our unisex edit. A high fashion edit that focuses on expression, letting the wearer truly showcase their personal concept of self. With nearly 25% of Gen Z expecting their gender identification to change during their lifetime, jewellery is a means for them to express themselves. It is up to us – and other luxury disruptors – to cater for that expression. The Auverture Unisex Edit  Our Auverture Unisex edit features contemporary luxury jewellery that speaks to expression, individuality and high fashion. Featuring designers including Noor Fares, Pippa Small, Bibi Van Der Velden, Andrea Fohrman and Alice Cicolini it focusses on luxury pieces without any traditional gender thinking or stereotyping. Stones are selected for their significance and meaning, not for supposed male or female taste. Designs have been created for their appeal on any body, and pieces have been crafted for ability to speak to the individual, whatever their gender. We continue to be proud of our unisex edit, and what it represents for our Auverture customers.  You can view the Auverture unisex edit here.

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