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How is the Auverture team wearing the limited edition Malachite Green bracelet?


Last week we launched our first #AUVERTUREUNITED rainbow bracelet: the Malachite Green in collaboration with Maqé. All of our team and partners have really put their heart and know-how in it. This is why we are very proud to tell you that we have only a few pieces left...

Character means making it part of you and your own unique style. Boho, eclectic, or minimal it is up to you. From our side, our mission is to inspire you.

We take this opportunity to introduce you to our team, and have a sneak peek on how we wear designer support on our wrist.

Character means making it part of you and your own unique style. Boho, eclectic, or minimal it is up to you. From our side, our mission is to inspire you.

We take this opportunity to introduce you to our team, and have a sneak peek on how we wear designer support on our wrist.

Bibi Van Der Velden - Founder of Auverture

malachite wear on sml

“Green is an important colour in my life, malachite is one of my favorite stones. It reminds me of the small marbled paper shops in Florence where I started the art academy. I love to stack my jewellery. You can wear The Malachite Green layered, combining different bracelets and adding a touch of green, or as a single bracelet with some statement rings.”

Thomas de Haas - CEO

malachite sml

“I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but I love to pair The Malachite Green with my watch. I never take them off and wear them day and night, indoors and outdoors.”

Ewen Thomas - Digital Marketing Specialist

malachite wear on men sml

"When it comes to jewels and especially for bracelets, I follow one rule : never wear a piece alone. I like to associate multiple materials, colors and style. While bringing a touch of nature, The Malachite Green is a bold piece that can spice up a wrist. I can easily see myself wearing it with a blazer as well as with a M65 field jacket."

Irinna Stefanidou -E-Commerce Manager

malachite wear on sml

"I see wearing jewelry as a game of hide and seek. It should always feel like a small surprise once the piece grabs your attention. This is why I wear The Malachite under my sleeve which is made out of a sheer fabric, or with any shirt that brings the attention to the sleeves, revealing the beautiful malachite stone."

Misha Kratina - Content Creator

malachite wear on sml

"I love monochrome look. Therefore, I often wear entire black, white or beige outfit which allows the Malachite green bracelet to really pop up. To take it one step further, I am planning on going full green with my outfit to match my bracelet."

Marjolijn - Customer Relationships Manager

malachite wear on sml

"Every bracelet I wear is connected to an important person or event in my life. This goes from a strip of fabric from my son's favorite shirt to a golden name tag which belonged to my grandmother. The Malachite Green will mark the past months, symbolizing being stronger than you think you are and my kick ass team"

Charley Meyer - Designer Relationships Manager

malachite wear on sml

"I wear the Malachite Green bracelet with casual jeans, ideally on a sunny day! I love how the Malachite stands out in the sun and effortlessly brightens up an everyday outfit."

Marie Louise - Content Coordinator Intern

malachite wear on sml

"I see jewellery as a tool to express myself.The malachite bracelet is special to me because I love the colours, it remind me of the nature which I love and have great memories from. Also, it really makes me feel connected in this strange period of time. It’s super easy to combine with all the jewellery I normally wear, I love to mix and match it with gold, silver, watches and even different color gemstones."

How are you going to wear your Malachite Green? Don't hesitate to share with us on Instagram your own special way of styling it. After all, you are the ones that bring meaning to our rainbow collection.

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