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How to create your personal Loquet London Locket


The Loquet London system of lockets and charms allows everyone to become creative and create their own unique piece of jewellery.

london locket sml

Each individual charm has a different meaning and can thus become the bearer of a beautiful message.

On Auverture you have the possibility to shop a curated selection of Luck, Love, Hope, Peace and Birth Stone charms directly through the online shop. If you are interested in buying another charm or in getting a personal consultation via chat, e-mail or phone (+31 20 6269095), please contact us anytime. Our curators are very happy to assist you in designing your personal Loquet London locket.

Love Charms

love charms sml

Happiness Charms

happiness charms sml

Luck Charms

luck charms sml

Hope Charms

hope charms sml

Letter Charms

letter charms sml

Birth Stone Charms

birth stone charms sml

Crystal Charms

crystal charms sml

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