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Ioanna Souflia

Ioanna Souflia’s homeland of Greece has an unmistakable influence on her designs – namely, in the handsome grey and white marble with which she embellishes her pieces. In Ioanna’s hands, this classical architectural material is hewn into delicate adornments for the body.

Take a pair of 14-carat rose gold earrings, inset with shell-shaped pieces of Bardiglio Imperiale marble, and laced with white and grey diamonds. Or the sculptural Adieu Ring, designed as two half-moon shapes, one half inset with Thasos and Bardiglio Imperiale marble, the other with white and grey diamonds.

Ioanna was born in Greece, and studied law before seguing into jewellery design. She trained in silversmithing at Athens’s Mokume Institute, before moving to London to study jewellery design at Central Saint Martins.

Indeed, the designer notes that the logic she developed studying law and the experimentation fostered by her time at Saint Martins both inform her work. This duality can be seen in her designs’ minimal, geometric yet unexpected shapes, which take inspiration from movements such as Art Deco, Minimalism, and Futurism.


Ioanna Souflia