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Jenny Dee

Astrology, spirituality, and rock ‘n roll are among some of the intriguing inspirations woven into Jenny Dee’s eclectic jewellery designs. The label, launched by Jenny Dabbah, shines for its colourful, talismanic pieces. Indeed, Jenny believes that “jewellery is an armour that should make you feel protected, unique, and mystical.” 

It could be said that jewellery runs through Jenny’s veins, with the Swiss designer’s family having been involved in the diamond and jewellery industry for the past 40 years. But following her studies at the Gemological Institute of America in New York, Jenny decided to put her own inimitable spin on her knowledge of precious stones and metals, and launched her Jenny Dee label in 2015.  

Jenny’s pieces shine with a fantastical artistry. The designer’s Cosmic Mermaid collection spotlights rings and pendants that resemble miniature portraits, inlaid with opal, lapis lazuli, turquoise, onyx, and mother of pearl. The stones depict colourful mermaids amid a backdrop of planets, and Jenny says she envisages the mythical creatures as “mysterious, strong, rebellious, sweet, and sensual all at the same time.” 

And the designer’s Astronomica collection is inspired by the mysteries of the zodiac, with pendants and rings crafted in planet-like forms from 18k yellow gold, Ethiopian opals, moonstones, and amethyst. 

All Jenny’s designs are made with ethically-sourced materials in Italy, with the designer also creating a number of bespoke pieces from her headquarters in Switzerland, in addition to her mystical-inspired collections. But no matter how precious her designs, Jenny takes a distinctly off-hand approach to luxury, believing that all her pieces “should be able to be worn with a leather jacket.” 

Explore the Jenny Dee collection, and discover Jenny’s dazzling yet insouciant creations.


Jenny Dee