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Jewellery trends spring/summer 2019


French Vogue states in its latest issue that there are 13 trends that shouldn’t be missed when it comes to the jewellery that one should wear during Spring/ Summer 2019.

Everything is there! From sea shells, to chains, chokers, piled up necklaces and much more. These trends are inspired from the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London and New York of course. Auverture however, has decided to show its take on a few of these trends. Take a look below.


Sea shells by the seashore. More like shows off her sea shells by the sea shore. The shell inspired jewellery we have picked for you are luxurious, cast with diamonds and pearls. Set in gold, ready to be worn. A few of them, although not made with actual shells, will take your imagination far away with movable mermaid tails that wrap around your finger or wrist and Abalone mother- of- pearl set beneath rock crystal carved into a shells, giving these pieces that mysterious shimmer we all love.

ring sml

Moltke Ring by the Veny x Moltke Ring from the Venyx, Oseanyx collection.

A celebration of the elemental beauty of both outer space and the deep sea. As usual Bibi van der Velden, brings your fantasies to life with this quirky ring that depicts a man hiding in a sea-shell. The shell is white quartz with mother of pearl set beneath, dotted with blue and green sapphires as well as white diamonds.

bibi van den velden ring sml

As usual Bibi van der Velden brings your fantasies to life with this quirky ring that depicts a man hiding in a sea-shell. The shell is white quartz with mother of pearl set beneath, dotted with blue and green sapphires as well as white diamonds.

Meanwhile, Silvia Furmanovich brings real shells into play along with light brown diamonds and 18k yellow gold.

shell earrings sml

Light brown diamonds orbit softly coloured moonstones in this pair of yellow shell and 18k gold earrings by Silvia Furmanovich.

earrings sml

bracelet sml

The “Man in the Shell” comes as a bracelet too, and here you can finally see his little rose gold head, covered with precious stones and a shell made of white quartz. 

Finally, a highly-detailed mermaid’s tail designed in 18k rose gold and sterling silver. The open-ended bangle is crafted with the mermaid’s tail at one end and a Tahitian pearl at the other, with the piece embellished with white and brown diamonds. Love it?

pearl bracelet sml


Ear cuffs will always be in style. Hence, we are showing you a few timeless pieces that you can always wear. Whenever, wherever.

Image 3 desktop-100 sml

Multicolor "Mirian" ear cuff by Ana Khouri.

The cuff design is crafted in 18k yellow, fair-trade gold, and is set with clusters of white diamonds, multi-coloured sapphires, and tourmalines.

ear cuff trend sml

Now here is a beautiful bunch. From the left; Ileana Makri "Baguettee Eyelash Ear Cuff", showered in diamonds and 18k yellow gold. "Caterpillar Ear Cuff" by Gaelle Khouri, what a piece of art don't you think?

Bibi van der Velden, "Scarab Ear Cuff". Actually made of real scarab wings and 18k yellow gold of course.

diamond earring sml

"Diamond Amelie Single Ear Cuff" by Ana Khouri.

earrings sml

A subtle yet striking piece. Vertical Cuff Earrings by tomasz donocik Tomasz Donocik could not miss in this selection. These "Vertical Cuff Earrings" resemble delicate lightning bolts, with their angular silhouette crafted in 18k rose gold.

gold earrings sml

These ear jackets are designed in 18k rose gold and resemble a cluster of crystals, embellished with pavé diamonds. In the picture you see the "Rose Gold Eclipse Ear Jacket Large" and the "Rose Gold Eclipse Ear Jacket" by Diane Kordas.


Now these two have been considered as separate categories in Vogue. However, we are tackling these two together because... well it makes sense.

Image 5 desktop-100 sml

One of a kind "Malachite Snake Earrings" by Amedeo. These pieces of art are absolutely stunning! The snake that sits beneath the lobe is crafted from azurite malachite, while the posts are formed from another snake designed in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold, whose head is dotted with yellow sapphires, with tsavorite eyes.

alien ring sml

Alina Abegg's futuristic Alien Ring is inspired by the designer’s affinity for aliens, a phenomenon she’s been fascinated by since the 90’s.

Image 4 desktop-100 sml

The "Scarab Bunch Earrings" by Bibi van der Velden, create a lasting impact with not just one, but a whole a series of genuine iridescent blue/green Scarab beetle wings.

diamond earrings sml

From the left; Diane Kordas' "Diamond Geometric Earrings" fuse circle and diamond motifs. The neck-grazing earrings are part of the designer’s Geometric collection, which spotlights designs that play on the concept of negative space.

Meanwhile, the Brent Neale beauties are designed in 18k yellow gold. They’re set with a medley of colourful square and rectangular stones, composed of amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, and peridot, with small white diamonds set between each stone.

hoop earrings sml

These "Saturn Hoops" Crafted in 18k white gold, the hoops are embellished with pavé pink sapphires, from which hang miniature Saturn planets. The orbs are fashioned from South Sea pearls set in an 18k white gold ring, and suspended on an 18k rose gold chain.


Anyone that likes a bit of edge can relate to this trend. Chains can be easily be a statement piece too. In fact both Louis Vuitton and Off White have used them as one of the main jewellery pieces in their Spring/ Summer runways. Here are the favourite ones from our selection.

Let's start with Spinelli Kilcollin, because he really has a beautiful selection of chains.

chain bracelet sml

These pieces are made up of connecting chain links of contrasting precious metals – 18k yellow, rose, and white gold, along with black rhodium plated sterling silver. The silver links sparkle with white pavé diamonds.

From the left; "Verlaine Crux Necklace" , "Voltaire Bracelet" , "Avalon Bracelet", "Crux Necklace".


Aurelie Bidermann's bracelet makes a bold statement on the wrist. Fashioned as a series of linking chains, the "Hammered Chain Bracelet" fastens with a chic paper clip clasp.


Layering necklaces is not a new trend, but clearly it is one that is here to stay. There is so much you can do, and Auverture offers an extensive collection of stunning necklaces. Therefore, just for you, me made a selection ourselves. Take a look.

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