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Feeling at home with Nikos Koulis : designing, ancient greek philosophy and running!

In March, we launched #Auvertureunited, our initiative to raise funds to support independent jewellery designers during the coronavirus crisis. As part of the initiative, we’re donating 100% of the proceeds to The Auverture Designer fund on Auverture over the coming three months, beginning March 20. During this time, to find out more about how the

3 April 2020

Christopher Thompson-Royds’ Natural Alchemy

The untamed beauty of wildflowers is transformed into precious pieces of jewellery and sculpture in artist and jeweller Christopher Thompson Royds’ hands. This English designer is inspired by what he calls the “overlooked” appeal of wildflowers. His Against Nature collection, composed of 18k yellow gold sculptures of wildflowers that can be taken apart and worn

27 March 2020

The Auverture Designer Fund

  SUPPORTING DESIGNERS DURING THE CORONA CRISIS   To our loyal client and designer community,   Over the past few weeks, we have watched with shock and disbelief as the rapid and unsettling spread of the coronavirus has taken hold in communities around the world. Most importantly, we hope that at this challenging time you

25 March 2020

Auverture’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

What makes a Valentine’s day gift?   At Auverture, we think nothing delights more than a present that shows how well you know your loved one. Whether they find meaning in gazing at art or devouring historical novels, or if they’re captivated by all that’s mystical, or eternally inspired by nature – the depth of the

31 January 2020

Q&A with George Root, designer behind the brand Milamore

Having recently joined the Auverture designer family, George Root answers a few questions and talks about the inspiration and techniques behind his brand Milamore.      What is the story/inspiration behind Milamore?     Milamore is a culmination of my experiences from a young boy in Japan to my adult life in New York and

24 January 2020

Auverture Fine Jewellery Pop-up Boutique in Gstaad

Heading to the Swiss alps for spring break? Join us on 19th February in Gstaad, as we host a fine jewellery pop-up boutique at Le Grand Bellevue     We’ll be cosied inside a luxurious yurt and showcasing a selection of our designer fine jewellery. Come in from the cold and discover the stories behind

23 January 2020

Q&A with Gaelle Khouri

Following the launch of her new collections HOMAGE TO KANDINSKY AND STEINER and AS ABOVE SO BELOW, Auverture designer Gaelle Khouri answers a couple questions for us, have a look:     What is the inspiration behind the new collections?   HOMAGE TO KANDINSKY AND STEINER & AS ABOVE SO BELOW are a collective of evocative

10 January 2020

VO+ | The Names to follow in the Jewelry World

VO+ Magazine featured us their issue “The Plus 100 – The Names to Follow Around the Jewelry World”. In the Online shopping category, VO+ beautifully explains what makes our Designer Family unique and our platform a personal experience.   credits: Preeta Agarwal, David Brough, Anthony de Marco, Federica Frosini, Antonella Reina, Barbara Rodeschini, Lorenza Scalisi

3 January 2020
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