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ROCKSOLID jewellery event Ibiza | Auverture x Maqé x Lolo Loren

Calling all island dwellers: on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October, 3-9pm, we’re co-hosting two evenings of cocktails, canapés and fine jewellery inspiration in Ibiza. Our exclusive Rocksolid event is in partnership with local artist and photographer, Lolo Loren, and Ibiza-born ethical jewellery brand, Maqé.   We’ll be showcasing a selection of our designers’ pieces, as well as new additions by Brooke

14 October 2019

Which jewellery suits you best?

With so many pieces to pick from, and so many designers to discover, it can be tough to find luxury fine jewellery that is right for you.  There’s an array of different types of jewellery out there, and a large variety of metals, and precious and semi-precious stones being used. Combine that with an infinite combination of skin, hair, and eye

11 October 2019


Let’s talk about Monday night, when our incredibly talented designer Silvia Furmanovich and curator Bibi van der Velden joined us for a private dinner hosted for about 40 special guests in our Amsterdam gallery.   The day started with the Auverture and Bibi team transforming the studio into a tropical oasis for the dinner event with Silvia

11 October 2019

Ear Piercing Party

Ear piercings are one of the oldest forms of body modification dating back to 3,300BC, when the oldest mummy was found. He too, had pierced ears believe it or not. On the other hand, British sailors in the 16th century would pierce their ears knowing that if they died at sea, the gold could be

5 October 2019
Editors picks

10 Unisex Jewellery Pieces

It appears that sometimes we focus so much on women and the pieces they wear, that we forget that men too can love jewellery just as much. We do not yet have a mens’ section, but we absolutely offer jewellery pieces that could work on any man and look stunning. For that particular reason, and so you

25 September 2019
Bibi van der Velden

VO+| Bibi van der Velden Ring for the Hermitage

The VO+ online wrote an article on the incredible ring our curator, Bibi van der Velden made for the Hermitage, Amsterdam. Here is what they had to say:   The exhibition “Jewels! Glittering at the Russian Court” – opened last 14 September and running till 15 March 2020, at Museum Hermitage Amsterdam – gets us into the flamboyant of the Russian

22 September 2019

Autumn Jewellery Trends| 2019

We are already past mid September and fall is upon us. Days are shorter, tank tops have been replaced by jackets and scarves and along with the new season new trends have surfaced. Classic and punk, chokers and earrings, pops of colour and statement pieces. The biggest fashion houses have set the Autumn Jewellery Trends

20 September 2019


Jewels! – A Celebration     The timeless beauty of fine jewellery – both historical and contemporary – came under the spotlight on September 12, when the Hermitage Amsterdam exhibition “Jewels! The Glitter of the Russian Court,” was unveiled to the press.   Our curator and founder Bibi van der Velden was one of three

19 September 2019
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