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A Stylish Valentine



Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while February 14th might unite us in celebrating love, don’t forget that one doesn’t have to resort to cliché when making plans for this most romantic of days. If you’re seeking some inspiration for how to celebrate with your loved one this year, how about looking to the impeccable taste of Auverture’s jewellery designers? From surprise trips to Berlin, to a low-key hike in the Los Angeles hills, to sharing ice-cream on a house boat roof, we ask Auverture’s designers about their most memorable Valentine’s Day yet – and how they’d love to celebrate this year.


And of course, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to gift a loved one – or yourself – with a piece of jewellery that expresses your devotion. Why not take your cues from the romantic pink and red tones that are a signature of Valentine’s Day? From Andrea Fohrman’s stunning rose quartz ring to Ileana Makri’s Thread Band, embellished with deep pink rubies, Auverture’s designers offer a stylish, modern take on love tokens.


Find out more about our designers’ ideas for Valentine’s Day heaven here:


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…A Romantic Jaunt


Ana Khouri

“When I think of sharing time with a loved one, my mind instantly travels to somewhere magical like Morocco. Morocco is such a beautiful country, rich in culture with such a memorable atmosphere and exceptional food. My ideal Valentine’s date would be here, out in nature star-gazing and being at complete peace with my loved one. Stars hold a special meaning to me as they have long been associated with jewelry. I think jewelry should always aspire to rival the awe we experience when we turn our eyes upward, and I cannot think of something more precious than sharing this with the person closest to my heart.”


Silvia Furmanovich

“My ideal Valentine’s Day would be spent exploring Alter do Chão –  a destination located in the Brazilian state of Pará – that’s hidden deep within a remote corner of the Amazon rainforest. It’s a magical beach town of fresh waters, that’s far removed from the ocean, in the depths of the jungle – almost like an oasis. My morning would be spent hiking and canoeing. Lunch would take place after a dip in the water in the aptly named Ilha do Amor (“Island of Love”), a small, sandy peninsular which is a true slice of paradise! We would spend the afternoon doing nothing, just watching the sun setting over the forest that teems with the sounds of wildlife.”


Diane Kordas

“For Valentine’s Day a few years ago, my husband told me to take off Friday from work for a surprise weekend. The day we were leaving, my suitcase was packed and my husband handed me a big box, which contained a beautiful handbag. He had called my favourite editor and asked her advice with regards to the perfect gift – well, she was right!

As we approached the airport gate, I realised we were flying to Berlin, chosen as neither of us had ever been there. We had the best time – stayed in a penthouse suite filled with flowers, booked dinner at a cool place, followed by a table at a great nightclub. The next day, after sightseeing, having lunch and feeling so great, we sat down at a table for ten people which I thought must have been a mistake – only to see  my friends from London sit down with us! He flew them in for a dinner. Such a nice surprise!”


Katie Kova (Kova Jewels)

“Me and my husband are now approaching the twelfth year of our relationship, and we’ve always tried to make Valentine’s Day a special one without doing anything over the top. One of my favourites was the time we decided to make a last-minute trip, just to escape the reality of everyday life – and also the fuzz of V-Day that’s generated around it lately. So, we woke up, made our way to the train station and took a day trip to Oxford, where we just walked around the city, without planning on anything. I think we all need these moments of emotional recharge, and it’s best when they are spent with loved ones. In the evening, we went to a spa in the hotel, had a delicious meal in bed while watching a movie, and woke up the next day feeling our best.”


Noor Fares

“I like to think that love is celebrated all year round, but it is a lovely opportunity to remind those that we do love how much they fill our hearts up with joy. My ideal Valentines would be with my husband, somewhere warm and tropical, calming away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Somewhere we can tune out, eat delicious food, listen to great music and laugh together about our journey together. I would start my day with a yoga practise and meditation to open my heart chakra and set my intentions.”


…A Low-Key Love In


Kirsty Stone (Retrouvaí)

“My ideal Valentine’s Day date would be a long hike near my house (in Los Angeles) with my husband and dog, followed by massages at home and take-out from a neighbourhood place. Not a lot of driving!”


Polly Wales

“When my partner, James, and I started dating, he used to have a cut-down Vespa that we’d ride on. I lived on a boat and didn’t have a fridge, so we would drive to the Haagen-Dazs store in the centre of London, and buy strawberries and ice cream and cheap Champagne. From there, we’d hot-foot it back home to eat ice cream and drink Champagne on the roof of the boat. 20 years, two kids, two cats, and a business later, my ideal Valentine’s would be to re-create those days.”


Eva Fehren

“My perfect Valentine’s Day would be doing something to pamper myself. I love to treat myself by getting a facial or a massage. Afterwards, a night at home in pajamas with my honey, eating caviar and drinking Champagne. High-low is really who we are and it’s what we enjoy. I like it keep it simple with just a touch of luxury!”


…Fine Dining


Daniela Villegas

“Dinner with my husband at the Chateau Marmont. My favourite place! A glass of wine or a margarita and spaghetti Bolognese with grilled jalapeños on top for a spicy kick. Good food, good company, and a great time together.”


Anita Ko

“A beautiful dinner at (LA’s) e. baldi Ristorante or Matsuhisa, with an amazing bottle of wine.”


…Cute Crafts


Brent Neale

“Oh, Valentine’s Day – celebrating love – what could be better! I have three little ones and we have a major crafting session with glue, glitter, coloured paper and doilies. They go crazy creating the cards and goodie bags for all their little class mates. Right after, my husband and myself are taking a trip – just the two of us- for a few days down in the Bahamas, which we don’t get to do so often these days. Looking forward to all of it!”


…Giving Back


Ileana Makri

“I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. It is too commercialised for me and I cannot see how romance fits into this spirit. However, I can connect this day – if not with romance – with pure love. Love for people in need – particularly for children in need. This Valentine’s Day I have the opportunity to participate in a committee organising a big party to raise money for abused children, so they can smile and love again and enjoy romantic Valentine’s nights as they grow up. This Valentine’s night I will party for a good cause!”



If our designers’ romantic reminiscences have inspired you to plot a Valentine’s Day surprise of your own, make a unique piece of jewellery from Auverture the icing on the cake, and browse our curated selection of Valentine’s Day pieces here.


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