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Auverture Summer Stories

How our Auverture designers prefer to spend their summer holidays

Summer holidays is all about charging batteries and clearing your mind. When this blissful state of being is achieved, many of us get inspiration flowing to them. It hits you in a gentle, pleasant way, just like the summery scents of pine tree, lavender or orange sometimes unexpectedly tickle your senses.


We have compiled a collection of summer stories which tell you all about where our Auverture designers prefer to spend their summers, and if it’s not a specific destination, what their favorite pastime is, and how this inspires them.



Ioanna Souflia Sifnos Greece Auverture Summer Stories


Ioanna Souflia | Siflos, Greece


“For the last 20 years the island of Sifnos has been the synonym of summer holidays for me. Situated at the Cyclades, Sifnos whisks you away with its simplicity and elegance. Serene beaches with glittering gold sand and a few trees, “almyrikia”, that offer you their hospitable shade, numerable white churches at the end of the island’s cliffs becoming one with the endless blue of the sea and the most beautiful village of Artemonas where you can get lost in the alleys admiring the architecture, are few of the unique elements that set the scene for this graceful and authentic destination. Experiencing Sifnos gives you a sense of a peaceful fulfillment. The contrast of the aristocratic architecture with the hardness of the dry barren cliffs, the organic forms of the hidden bays almost containing the endless horizon of the sea, a mixture of imagery, shapes and textures that stays with you. For me this unique and refined meeting of all elements and senses responds to my design aesthetic and translates to my work.”




Bibi van der Velden | Vreeland, Netherlands


“Due to personal circumstances we decided to stay close to home this summer and rented the sweetest little farm you can imagine, located in Vreeland, close to Amsterdam. We just took our family on a three month trip Down Under. Our daughter Charlie was spot on when she remarked we’re now discovering New Freeland instead of New Zealand. And we love it!”



Ana Khouri Brazil Auverture Summer Stories


Ana Khouri | Brazil


“During the summer holidays, I usually go to Brazil to see my family. Summer is the best time to be there, as it is off season. I like to find myself surrounded by waterfalls and nature like nowhere else, and often no one around, which I love! I take this time to relax and do nothing, that’s when I get the most inspired.”


Yannis Sergakis Greek Islands Auverture Summer Stories


Yannis Sergakis | Greek Islands


“I have some Greek islands that I visit every year like Hydra and Patmos, but I always prefer to find something not well known to the tourists or travelers. I isolate myself for 10-15 days in order to empty my mind and realize that the real beauty is about simplicity. I do not like the social life on my vacations, as for me, it is more important to connect with nature, literature and my beloved people. I try not to think about my work during my vacation. In order to be inspired, you have to empty your mind from everything. There are so many beautiful things in life that I have to be holistic in order to have balance in my work.”


Ileana Makri Patmos Greece Auverture Summer Stories


Ileana Makri | Patmos, Greece


“My favorite summer holiday destination is the Greek island Patmos. When I first visited the island in 1982, I fell in love with Chora, the old town that started being built in the 12th century and spills under the walls of the monastery of St. John. A few years later, I built a house right under the monastery which had become my sanctuary. I feel in heaven every time I go! I get inspired by the natural unspoiled beauty of the island, the authenticity of the native people, their way of life and the emotion that arise in me when I am in this spiritual and peaceful environment.”


Delfina Delettrez Ponza Italy Auverture Summer Stories


Delfina Delettrez | Ponza, Italy


“My favorite summer holiday destination is the Italian island of Ponza in the Tyrrhenian sea, where my family home is. I find a great inspiration in visiting the same place during summer. I like to discover the island from a different angle and go deeper each time I come back. It’s like plunging always deeper and deeper and get to know all of its secrets. It’s an island of volcanic origins, surrounded by three wild islands that I love to visit often. It feels very primitive and strong. To stay inspired I need to keep a strong connection with nature and with myself.”


Tomasz Donoczik | Sailing


“My favorite summer holiday is not much about the destination but the experience and means of getting there that makes it great. One of my favorite summer pastimes is sailing. Being able to sail wherever I want gives me the sense of true freedom. Every location brings something new and inspiration can come from everywhere. Being away from the everyday makes me more prone to absorb my environment and open my senses and my mind to new emotions and ideas.”




Gaelle Khouri | Argentina


“I have always loved travelling; exploring new places, new mentalities, and to be in different countries with different cultures and interesting languages. I spent time in Argentina recently and was taken by the beautiful energy of the country – you are surrounded by art wherever you go and it’s not only visible to the eye but you can really feel the energy throughout the country. You will find some of the most incredible artwork and graffiti on surfaces of buildings, homes and public spaces in Buenos Aires in particular. These murals add a stunning edge to the city and it is so refreshing to see how urban art touches the life of people there. I really love how the government also encourages art and culture while in other less fortunate countries it is often forbidden.

The giant mural pictured above has a breathtaking visual impact. It is drawn on walls of a building by street artist, Martin Ron. His world of fantasy is very surreal but it still carries the feeling that this is happening in reality. The design is usually scaled to a mural size using a grid but artists can sometimes improvise such as the image of the bird on the boy’s lap – this was not in the original drawing and it was actually painted later after a neighbor filed a complaint against the original.

The places I visit have a tremendous effect on my energy. I find that when I interact with new things, new people with different backgrounds and explore different cultures that the experience really broadens my mind and what is ‘known’ to me. It makes me a more positive, happier person and the energy I gain from travelling and exploring helps me think, act and create more freely. For me, inspiration comes from within; so the experience and impact is always an emotional one.”


holiday photos


Katie Kova | Mykonos


“Every summer I visit a new place at least for a few days but always spend the longest part of my summer holiday in Mykonos. Although it is not such a hidden gem as it was when I first visited it, the island has a very vibrant energy that makes you feel very positive. Also it has everything best that the nature can offer: sun, gorgeous sea and incredible locally sourced food. If you are attentive when walking around Chora (the town of Mykonos) you can see beautiful geometric shapes featured on the exterior of every little house, gate or even door. It really makes me realise that geometry surrounds us everyday in our life without us even noticing it. Moreover, the colour combinations of this island are just marvellous. The natural combinations of the colour of hay and deep blue sky or the variety of colours you can witness staring at the sunset. And, of course, Mykononian architecture that features a lot of colour blocking of white against numerous shades of blue and green.”

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2 July 2020

The Buttercup Yellow bracelet, in collaboration with Christopher Thompson Royds

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19 June 2020

Our ambition with Auverture United : make a long term impact in the fine jewellery industry

Auverture began in 2016 as an online destination for creative fine jewellery that celebrates individuality. At the time, we launched by gathering a community of 10 like-minded designers who shared that same vision and objective.   Four years later, as our beloved community of designers, customers, and followers has grown, our mission remains the same.

19 June 2020
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