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Red Carpet Rocks

Awards season has started, and what better occasion to wear the most head-turning fine jewellery than on the red carpet? From sleek, angular designs to ornate adornments, discover our predictions for who will wear what during the 2019/2020 awards season.   Nikos Koulis   Nikos Koulis’ contemporary-meets-Art Deco designs have found fans in a number

27 November 2019

Harrods Gift Guide 2019|Auverture

Harrods annual Christmas Gift Guide features the Lion Stackable Ring by Bibi van der Velden. A noble lion sits on this sleek stacking ring. The lion motif is designed in sterling silver and 18k rose gold, with its body dotted with brown diamonds. The ring, meanwhile, is in 18k yellow gold. If you too are looking for a Christmas gift

19 November 2019

Female Jewellery Designers from Couture

Gemologue by Liza Urla, speaks of 10 Female Jewellery Designers not to miss from Couture Las Vegas. Amongst those, 5 are designers that are also part of the designer family at Auverture. Hence, we wanted to bring the spotlight back to them and show you a few of their most intricate, beautiful pieces. Take a

14 November 2019

Beautiful Creatures | Autumn jewellery trends 2019

The humble insect takes on an haute, glittering guise this Autumn, as designers take inspiration from these creatures’ intricate forms to define a bold and beautiful jewellery trend for 2019. Angelina Jolie put this look truly on the map last month, when she wore a 50-carat diamond and platinum scorpion brooch to the premiere of “Maleficent,

11 November 2019

November Birthstone Jewellery 19′

November birthdays are associated with two gems; Citrine and Topaz. The warm, beautiful colour of citrine is said to be a gift from the sun and it is believed to have healing powers. Citrine is a type of yellow quartz that supposedly cannot tolerate negativity and helps detoxify the wearers body and spirit. Meanwhile Topaz has many shades including

10 November 2019

Our favourite bracelets under €10,000

The first bracelets found date over 7,000 years ago and archeologists have discovered that they were worn in ancient civilisations in Mesopotamia, China, Egypt and Greece. The Egyptians wore bracelets made almost exclusively of gold and silver while the ancient Greeks preferred cuffs made of leather or metal. In Asia gold bracelets etched in elaborate patterns made of gold

28 October 2019

Top 5 Statement Necklaces

We have spoken about statement pieces several times, usually earrings, rings too. But what do we really mean with ‘Statement Jewellery’? Simple. It’s a piece of jewellery that stands out from the rest, maybe extravagant, big, different. These pieces can come in any style, shape or form and this time we want to show you our Top

19 October 2019

Which jewellery suits you best?

With so many pieces to pick from, and so many designers to discover, it can be tough to find luxury fine jewellery that is right for you.  There’s an array of different types of jewellery out there, and a large variety of metals, and precious and semi-precious stones being used. Combine that with an infinite combination of skin, hair, and eye

11 October 2019
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