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Ear Piercing Party

Ear piercings are one of the oldest forms of body modification dating back to 3,300BC, when the oldest mummy was found. He too, had pierced ears believe it or not. On the other hand, British sailors in the 16th century would pierce their ears knowing that if they died at sea, the gold could be used to pay for their funeral. Clearly piercings have been an important part of our culture since the beginning of humanity as far we know. In todays world however, they are considered a form of self expression, fashion sense, an extension of ones style even. Hence, for this week we have prepared an ‘Ear Piercing Party’ article for you. We have included some our favourite pieces and have even given you some ideas as to how you can style them. Compelled? See below for more.




This stunning piece by Bibi van der Velden is an ear piercing party on it’s own and it can act as three separate pieces! What more could anyone ask for?! The sweet slug is in 18k yellow gold with a rose quartz body and green tsavorites for eyes, and is designed to climb up the ear lobe. It attaches to the tulip with an 18k rose gold wire, with the 18k rose and yellow gold tulip fashioned to sit at the top of the ear. The flower also sparkles with coloured stones, composed of pink sapphires, amethysts, and blue sapphires, while a moonstone water droplet and a blackened silver ant also sit on the petals, with an opal at the tulip’s centre. The piece comes with a 40cm chain onto which the tulip can be threaded to be worn as a necklace, with a tiny gold maggot on the chain, too.

Bibi van der Velden Tulip and Slug ear cuffBibi van der velden tulip and slug ear cuff 2


Slug and Tulip Ear Cuff by Bibi van der Velden– €11,330




These bohemian chic pieces by Celine Daoust are designed in 14k gold, embellished with white diamonds. Inspired from the starry night skies, these are absolutely a perfect choice for anyone


Celine Daoust Earrings


Diamond Burst Constellation Earrings by Celine Daoust– €675

Diamond Burst Constellation Chain Earrings by Celine Daoust– €915




These 18k rose gold Diamonds & Pearls Hoop Earrings glow with rows of freshwater pearls. Taking inspiration from her Russian heritage, designer Annoushka Ducas draws on the 18th Century Russian tradition of placing pearls alongside coloured gemstones, with the pearls interspersed with brown diamonds.Meanwhile this sweet dragonfly stud makes a charming statement. Designed in 18k yellow gold, the earring is accented with black rhodium, with dragonflies’ wings embellished with micro-pavé silver diamonds.




Diamond and Pearl Hoops by Annoushka– €1,100




Love Diamonds Dragonfly Stud Earring by Annoushka– €870


Auverture Selections


These beautiful combinations were made from us, the Auverture team. Let us know what you think of these pieces and have fun purchasing or creating your own Ear Piercing Parties. Do not forget to share pictures with us!! 😉


au piercing party 3


Double Bubble Earring by Delfina Delettrez– €950

Botticelli Grande Single Earring by Sophie Bille Brahe– €1,940


perfect size for web


Small Diamond Square Earring by Shihara– €1,375

Medium Triangle Single Earring with one side of diamonds by Shihara– €750

Elipse Single Earring by Sophie Bille Brahe– €510

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Summer looks better with the Buttercup Yellow bracelet

Last week we have launched our 2nd Auverture United rainbow bracelet. Called the Buttercup Yellow, this bracelet is  a limited edition of 50 pieces and Designed by Auverture’s founder Bibi van der Velden in collaboration with British artist and designer Christopher Thompson Royds.   The design’s braided fabric bracelet is in a pale, shimmering yellow that brings to mind

2 July 2020

The Buttercup Yellow bracelet, in collaboration with Christopher Thompson Royds

For the second piece in our Auverture Rainbow Bracelet series, we’ve collaborated with British artist and designer Christopher Thompson Royds. Christopher joined Auverture earlier this year, and his jewellery stands out for how it captures the wild, untamed beauty of the natural world in precious form.   Having studied jewellery and metalwork at London’s Royal

19 June 2020

Our ambition with Auverture United : make a long term impact in the fine jewellery industry

Auverture began in 2016 as an online destination for creative fine jewellery that celebrates individuality. At the time, we launched by gathering a community of 10 like-minded designers who shared that same vision and objective.   Four years later, as our beloved community of designers, customers, and followers has grown, our mission remains the same.

19 June 2020
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