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Elevate your gem game and sparkle into the festive season with jewellery influencer, gemologist and published book author Liza Urla of GEMOLOGUE. Let Liza take you on a magical journey into her unique jewellery style with her selection of favourite festive jewels. With her tastemaker’s eye, she’ll show you how to shine like the Belle of the Ball and effortlessly glide through every special occasion this holiday season with enviable style.





Emerald Circle Necklace – Moritz Glik

A standout necklace with emeralds and diamonds makes an elegant statement for a Christmas cocktail party. Feel lucky with emeralds, bathe in the rich, relaxing green tones as they melt away your gift-shopping stress. This beautiful kaleidoscope necklace can be worn with a choker or layered with a delicate necklace to add allure to your neck. As a standalone piece, it will complete your look and say, “I’m here and I’m ready to party!” Discover the Art of Necklace Layering with GEMOLOGUE!



Circus Earrings – Aron&Hirsch

If you’re headed South to meet up with Santa Claus this Christmas, let your jewellery do the talking and channel those tropical vibes with these delightful circus earrings from Brazilian designers. Beloved by the GEMOLOGUE Gem Squad, these whimsical, opulent earrings will steal all the glances and put everyone in a festive, tropical mood. With a drop of aquamarine to capture the essence of your seaside destination, and a moon beaming with rubies, diamonds and pearls, these mystical earrings will add sparkle to your tropical Christmas party.



Indo Deco Ring – Alice Cicolini

Give the gift that will last forever. Give the gift of love and passion. Approach jewellery gift-giving in Liza Urla fashion and give your special someone something rare and collectible. Give them a precious ruby gemstone. A timeless classic that will be treasured long after the holidays are over, this luscious ruby cocktail ring will take your breath away. Every woman has her shade of red, but the most desirable and indeed the most valuable is deep, pure ruby red.



Forte Beads Kit – Carolina Bucci

Beads will never go out of fashion, just like advent calendars! So surprise someone you love this Christmas with a make-it-yourself bead kit to match their own unique jewellery style. Choosing from more than a dozen different semi-precious stones in the kit, you can create all kinds of different designs for the holidays. I’d go for a jade bead bracelet for protection and harmony during the festive season. And if it’s too big for the stocking, there’s always room under the Christmas tree, right next to the GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles and Styling Tips book!



Tetra Sergeant Ring – Eva Fehren

Spending your holidays with someone special is the perfect time to dress up your engagement ring with a new diamond band. A symbol of constancy and fortitude, diamonds are the hardest element on earth, miracles of nature that came to life deep within the earth’s core millions of years ago. That’s deep! And what better expression of love! For your new diamond band, don’t be afraid to mix golds: they complement each other, just like you and your other half. If in doubt, here’s a tip: choose “Liza Urla’s signature combo” of white and rose gold. Have fun with it and experiment with a blend of colours till you find what best suits your skin tone and hair colour. 



Marquetry Landscape Rectangular Earrings – Silvia Furmanovich

New Year’s Eve calls for a gorgeous pair of statement earrings and there’s no better way to make one than with tourmaline. That’s the energy and boost of self-confidence you want to bring to your ears when the clock strikes 12! Tourmalines, meaning “mixed gems” in Sinhalese, can be found in so many different shades that for centuries they were confused with rubies, sapphires and emeralds! I am picking one of my favourite green shades for the festive season in this contemporary marquetry design. When you stop to chat with someone at the party, your earrings will be in their direct line of vision. So when choosing your New Year’s Eve Showstopper, consider how your earrings will complement your hair colour and style. How will they reflect on your skin tone and what will bring out your eye colour? It’s all about making a statement! Discover more of my unique jewellery styling tips for the festive season and join the Gem Squad on GEMOLOGUE!

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Summer looks better with the Buttercup Yellow bracelet

Last week we have launched our 2nd Auverture United rainbow bracelet. Called the Buttercup Yellow, this bracelet is  a limited edition of 50 pieces and Designed by Auverture’s founder Bibi van der Velden in collaboration with British artist and designer Christopher Thompson Royds.   The design’s braided fabric bracelet is in a pale, shimmering yellow that brings to mind

2 July 2020

The Buttercup Yellow bracelet, in collaboration with Christopher Thompson Royds

For the second piece in our Auverture Rainbow Bracelet series, we’ve collaborated with British artist and designer Christopher Thompson Royds. Christopher joined Auverture earlier this year, and his jewellery stands out for how it captures the wild, untamed beauty of the natural world in precious form.   Having studied jewellery and metalwork at London’s Royal

19 June 2020

Our ambition with Auverture United : make a long term impact in the fine jewellery industry

Auverture began in 2016 as an online destination for creative fine jewellery that celebrates individuality. At the time, we launched by gathering a community of 10 like-minded designers who shared that same vision and objective.   Four years later, as our beloved community of designers, customers, and followers has grown, our mission remains the same.

19 June 2020
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