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Bibi van der Velden featured on the February issue of the German Harper’s Bazaar.


Illustrated above is her ‘Mermaid Bangle’ covered in 18k rose gold, diamonds, Tahitian pearl, and a hint of sterling silver representing the fish scales. Bibi was inspired by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch for her ‘Sea Creatures’ collection that plays with “the imaginations we have about mermaids” and sea creatures in general.


As the end of February is approaching, the Pisces of your life will be expecting nice, special gifts. But there is nothing like Bibi’s pieces from this collection. In fact, this is meant to be a very good month for the ‘Neptune’ people so why not make it better.


harb_2019-02-06_2019-003_001-188 (verschoben)



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Financial Times| Why shell jewellery is a shore investment

Bibi Van der Velden was recently featured in the Financial Times article on ‘Why shell jewellery is a shore investment’. The Poseidon’s Getaway Earrings (shown above), are statement studs, featuring an 18k rose gold man hiding within a sterling silver shell, fully set with natural blue and green sapphires, and a rose-cut diamond at the centre. These

21 May 2019

Timeless Adornment

Auverture explores fine jewellery’s history, and discovers its influence on today’s modern heirlooms.     Ancient Talismans   Adornment –whether it’s ceremonial, sentimental, or simply to enhance one’s appearance – is a practice that’s as old as time. According to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, jewellery has been worn since the prehistoric era as “a

15 May 2019


The stunning Ana Khouri’s Emerald Mirian Ring and Fernando Jorge’s Bloom Sprout Small Earrings were featured in The Telegraph Luxury’s recent piece on Emerald Jewellery for May Birthdays. If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift, have a look at our selection of Emerald pieces 😉        

2 May 2019
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