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Feeling at home with Moritz Glik : exercising and keeping the spirit high and positive

Our #Auvertureunited initiative was launched in March to extend help towards the independent jewellery designers affected by the Corona virus pandemic. We will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Auverture Designer fund, over the coming three months, starting from March 20. Individual donations are accepted and encouraged!


In this unprecedented times, we talk to our designer family and find out how they are coping with the changes and challenges. We seek their insights into nurturing positivity, creativity and inspiration; and holding on strong in these difficult times.


Moritz Glik’s take on jewellery is both playful and understated. The New York-based, Brazil-born designer creates a fusion of vintage and contemporary where the elements don’t clash rather elevate each other. His designs speak of glamour, lightness and effortless elegance. Among others, the enchanting Kaleidoscope collection is on a class of its own.


“This pandemic is being a lesson to us all, as individuals and as a society. I hope that when it is all over, we are all left with a little more kindness in our hearts”



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Auverture: How are you? How do you live this particular time?


Moritz Glik: I’m doing well, considering the circumstances. I’m working remotely as much as I can and trying to keep my spirit high and positive.


A: Can you talk about any strategies or activities that are helping you stay positive during these difficult times?


MG: Besides keeping busy with work, I’m trying to meditate, which is something incredibly hard for me. Learning some new breathing techniques is helping me to control the anxiety and to keep my focus. A funny fact is that I’ve always been obsessed with cleaning. Staying at home so much is taking it to a different level. I just can’t help myself. Hahaha 


A: What daily rituals and routines do you find helpful?


MG: I’m sleeping in a lot, which isn’t normal for me. I’m cooking everyday again, something that I haven’t done for a while, watching lots of movies and drinking quite a bit of wine. I’m very privileged that my apartment building has a gym that is barely used, so I’m being able to continue exercising everyday, which helps to keep me sane.


A: At times like this, does your creative process bring you comfort?


MG: Definitely. I finished designing my new collection only a couple of weeks ago. With this extra time on my hands due to the lock down, I’ve decided to revisit the collection, revising some designs and adding new ideas to it as well.


A: We’re all now living a less social existence – do you think that’s meant you can focus on different aspects of your work, or perhaps look into new ideas?


MG: We are constantly brainstorming, always trying to come up with fresh and creative ideas for our business. A lot of them end up forgotten or postponed for lack of time. Now, we are using this opportunity to take some of them out of the paper. We are also trying to support and engage more with the jewelry community. We recently started supporting a beautiful organization called No Kid Hungry that is working hard to ensure that the kids continue to have access to meals after the shut down of the schools. We are donating 20% of our website sales during the month of March to them. This idea was brought to us by two amazing people of the industry – Danielle Gadi and Beth Bernstein. It’s been very rewarding to see the jewelry community coming together to support causes like this.


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A: Can you share with Auverture’s readers anything that you’re looking to for hope in these tough times?


MG: I hope people will be more kind and helpful to each other after all of this. We are living through  very tough times but we have to remember that there’s always a lesson to be learned from situations like this. We have to find ways to overcome this challenge while keeping our passion and joy alive. Every time I see a new video on the news or on Instagram of people coming together (but apart!) to help each other, my heart is renewed with hope. When I see all the health professionals putting their life on the line to take care of our loved one. In fact, all the professionals of the essential services that are still out there keeping our way of leaving from falling apart deserve so much of our appreciation.


A: Has the crisis changed your priorities/values at all?


MG: I’ve been living in NYC for almost 30 years. These last few days I’ve only left my apartment to do the essential, basically grocery and wine shopping. Another day I was out, I felt the same way I felt on 9/11. A mix of sadness and panic amid the uncertainties. You look around and it’s like living in a movie. It made me think of how fragile we all are and how we take so much for granted. I don’t know if this crisis will change my values but it certainly flashed some light on my priorities. This pandemic is being a big lesson to us all, as individuals and as a society. I hope that when it is all over, we are all left with a little more kindness in our hearts.


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17 April 2020
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