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Spike Lee has been a supportive friend and a loyal client of AMEDEO, for quite a while; his wife Tonya and himself have commissioned many pieces in the past few years. Soon, it became a routine for Spike to come and pick some new jewels before every important occasion. He considers the pieces Amedeo makes, lucky charms. And in fact, each time, it has worked out for him!
For the Oscars, he requested something more meaningful and “mystical”: In fact, he asked Amedeo to craft a statement necklace in memory of his best friend, the late pop star Prince.
It took a few weeks of hard work. Between the nomination and the award ceremony , Roberto (co- designer and business partner), Amedeo and their artisans, created the “Love” necklace, by hand, in 18kt gold, diamonds and a 17ct Fire Opal cabochon. When he showed Spike the finished product, in New York, just a few days before the Oscars, he was visibly touched and moved. However also ready for his victory now that he had his lucky charm by him!
History was made. Spike Lee won “Best Adapted Screenplay” for directing “BlacKkKlansman“.
This wasn’t just a product placement, but a spiritual and creative collaboration among artists, in the name of Love, and in memory of another unforgettable soul!
“On the night of the Oscars men’s jewellery took a whole new meaning and reached a new high, making Roberto and me very proud of our hard work, our passion for the craft, and the pure vision we have shared for the past 18 years.”
-Amedeo Scognamiglio
If you would like to see the making of the “Love” necklace, please click here.  And if you want to see more pieces from Amedeo, click here.
4 March 2019
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Financial Times| Why shell jewellery is a shore investment

Bibi Van der Velden was recently featured in the Financial Times article on ‘Why shell jewellery is a shore investment’. The Poseidon’s Getaway Earrings (shown above), are statement studs, featuring an 18k rose gold man hiding within a sterling silver shell, fully set with natural blue and green sapphires, and a rose-cut diamond at the centre. These

21 May 2019

Timeless Adornment

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15 May 2019


The stunning Ana Khouri’s Emerald Mirian Ring and Fernando Jorge’s Bloom Sprout Small Earrings were featured in The Telegraph Luxury’s recent piece on Emerald Jewellery for May Birthdays. If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift, have a look at our selection of Emerald pieces 😉        

2 May 2019
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