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Magical Adornments| Jewellery inspired by astrology

Inspired by the recent Halloween festivities, at Auverture we’ve noticed that the mystical side of life is experiencing a major moment – if it ever went away. In October, The New Yorker explored the explosion of interest in astrology, writing that the art is “currently enjoying a broad cultural acceptance that hasn’t been seen since the 1970s.” Building on this momentum, cult, esoteric astrologers the Astro Poets released their tome “Astro Poets: Your Guide to the Zodiac” last month. And the Los Angeles Times in July noted that “a growing number of young people…have turned away from traditional organized religion and are embracing more spiritual beliefs and practices like tarot, astrology, meditation, energy healing, and crystals.”

Given that symbols and talismans are so intertwined with astrology and spirituality, it’s no surprise that jewellers have long taken inspiration from these ancient arts and beliefs. And Auverture’s designers are no exception. Here are five pieces to help you channel your intuition, and embrace the otherworldly.








Noor Fares’ Upratna Amulet – a mesmerizing disc-shaped pendant fashioned in 18k yellow gold, and set with nine stones – takes its cues from Vedic astrology. The pendant is part of Noors’ Navratna collection, which means “nine gems” in Sanskrit. Designs that follow this tradition are intended to bring astrological balance to the wearer as each of the nine stones – composed of diamonds, garnets, carnelian, citrine, lapis, peridot, pearl, amethyst, and white topaz – represent a planet.>


Jewellery inspired by astrology



Carolina Bucci’s Lucky Zodiac bracelets are a playful, yet special way to nod to your sign. Fashioned in 18k gold chain braided with silk, these tie

bracelets are threaded with a mother of pearl disc, with the different zodiac signs’ symbols etched out in diamonds. Carolina took inspiration for this charming collection from the Museum of History and Science near to her atelier in Florence, which features zodiac signs set into the floor at its entrance.


Jewelry inspired by astrology



Venyx’s stunning Aruna Necklace pays tribute to a character in Hindu mythology who personifies the rising sun. Designed as an 18k white gold sun, the Aruna Necklace is set with an iridescent white opal at its centre, while its rays sparkle with purple and blue sapphires, pink tourmalines, and emeralds.


jewelry inspired by astrology



Foundrae’s designer Beth Bugdaycay describes her jewellery as celebrating “a set of values that is greater than the value of the gold itself.” Central to the designs are a set of tenets, or beliefs, which feature as symbols on these talismanic pieces. Among them are “strength,” “karma,” and “protection.” This Baby Medallion Protection Clip is crafted in 18k yellow gold, and set with a scarab beetle to signify protection. Beth notes that the scarab is “a symbol of the Egyptian God of Khepera,” intended to shield the wearer “from the inner negative voice that keeps us from using our energy in a more positive direction.”


jewelry inspired by astrology


Brent Neale, meanwhile, channels the whimsical aspect of lucky charms. Among her colourful designs is the Diamond Magic Mushroom Pendant, an haute take on a cartoonish toadstool, designed in 18k gold and set with rainbow moonstone, Peruvian opal, and white diamonds.


jewelery inspired by astrology


Explore more of Auverture’s designers’ ethereal inspirations here, and perhaps you’ll find a talisman of your own.  



20 November 2019
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