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November Birthstone Jewellery 19′

November birthdays are associated with two gems; Citrine and Topaz. The warm, beautiful colour of citrine is said to be a gift from the sun and it is believed to have healing powers. Citrine is a type of yellow quartz that supposedly cannot tolerate negativity and helps detoxify the wearers body and spirit. Meanwhile Topaz has many shades including blues, reds or pinks, although its most recognized colour is orange. Ancient cultures like the Egyptians or Romas believed that Topaz had the power to heal and protect its wearer. It is the 10th of November today, and if you are looking to find a beautiful jewellery piece to gift one of your loved ones, then you have come to the right place. So without further ado, here is our top selection of jewellery that feature Topaz and Citrine for our November Birthstone Jewellery blog post. Enjoy!



Brent Neale


These two very special pieces by Brent Neale are the first we want to show you. First, are the Heart Rainbow Cannabis Drop Earrings. These pretty drop earrings spotlight a cannabis leaf motif carved in green malachite, with a diamond at each leaf’s centre. Designed in 18k yellow gold, the earrings are crafted with malachite hearts at the posts, with the lengths of the earrings set with blue topaz, peridot, citrine, pink tourmaline, and amethyst.


Second, is the Moonstone Multicoloured Rainbow ring. Clouds and rainbows mingle on Brent Neale’s chic cocktail ring. This statement piece is designed in 18k yellow gold, with three rows of stones – pink tourmalines, citrines, and blue topaz – forming the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow sits an opal cloud, surrounded by white pavé diamonds.
Heart Rainbow Cannabis Drop Earrings by Brent Neale Heart Rainbow Cannabis Drop Earrings by Brent Neale Zoom HEART RAINBOW CANNABIS DROP EARRINGS By Brent Neale

Heart Rainbow Cannabis Drop Earrings by Brent Neale- €3,381MEDIUM MOONSTONE AND MULTI COLORED RAINBOW RING By Brent Neale

Moonstone Multicoloured Rainbow ring by Brent Neale– €6,358





Meanwhile, Venyx has two pieces that we think will take your breath away. These are a bit more edgy but beautiful nonetheless. The Large Pharaonis Earrings are made of 18k Yellow Gold, Green Agate, Amethyst, Blue Diamonds, Citrine, Garnet, Emerald, Blue Topaz and Opals.


The Chameleo Gold Ring on the other hand, is the master of camouflage. It takes patience and dedication to look as stunning as he does in all his forms. With his adaptable nature, his instinct for survival is unparalleled. He is Venyx’s symbol of transformation and change.PHARAONIS EARRINGS by Vneyx



Large Pharaonis Earrings by Venyx– €6,550




Chameleo Gold Ring by Venyx– €5,130



Nak Armstrong


Beautifully intricate, the Rose + Stem Ear Jackets are designed in 20k recycled rose gold as a blooming rose on an elegant stem. The rose’s colours are etched out in colourful stones, made up of emeralds, blue Peruvian opals, tourmalines, brown zircons, imperial topaz, and andalusites. The earrings are comprised of two parts – the stem is a separate component that is designed to hang from the ear post, on the back of the ear lobe. The rose studs can be worn without the stem for a more casual look, lending much versatility to these spectacular earrings.



Stem+ Rose Ear Jackets by Nak Amstrong– €19,470



Carol Kauffmann

The Purple Class Earrings by Carol Kauffmann shine like delectable candies. Designed in 18k yellow gold with purple gold details, the drop earrings are set with gleaming stones at the post and drop, composed of blue topaz and amethysts, the blue topaz posts bordered by white diamonds.


Purple Class Earrings by Carol Kauffmann– €4,850



Fernando Jorge


Last but not least, is the Fusion Pendant by Fernando Jorge. This stunning piece features clear topaz stones and  Diamonds (1.47ct). The chain is made of 18k Rose gold and the central stone is Milky Aquamarine.


FUSION PENDANT By Fernando Jorge

Fusion Pendant by Fernando Jorge– €21,890


Aisha Baker


The Mystery Ring holds a beautiful oval citrine at its centre, which appears to be protected by the ring’s detailed 18k yellow gold and enamel setting. The enamel is coloured sky blue, with the ring’s design resembling an ornate cage, inspired, Aisha Baker says, by “the hidden truths held by heroes of historic fables.”


The Majesty Earrings shine with an opulence that’s worthy of their regal name. Designed in 18k yellow gold embellished with blue enamel, the earrings are designed as three-dimensional, cloud-like forms, which each grasp a warm citrine at the earring’s drop. The earrings’ edges are also embellished with pavé white diamonds.


the mystery ring by aisha baker

Mystery Ring by Aisha Baker– €19,260


The majesty earrings by aisha baker

Majesty Earrings by Aisha Baker– €35,190


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