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Holland Herald Magazine| Francine Houben wears Pamela Love

   Famous Dutch architect Francine Houben wears Pamela Love’s Moon phase collar for Holland Herald Magazine.

14 June 2018

Jan Magazine | Monique Péan, Noor Fares, Gaelle Khouri & Venyx

Stylists Ramona Da Cruz, Marloes de Jong and Charissa Hogerheijde beautifully integrated pieces by Auverture Designers Monique Péan, Noor Fares, Gaelle Khouri and Venyx in Jan Magazine.   CREEPY CRAWLER CUFF By Gaelle Khouri TORTUGA RING By Venyx ROUND CABOCHON RHOMBUS RING By Noor Fares ETERNITY STEP RING By Noor Fares FOSSILIZED WALRUS RECTANGULAR RING By

11 June 2018
Loquet London

How to create your personal Loquet London Locket

The Loquet London system of lockets and charms allows everyone to become creative and create their own unique piece of jewellery. Each individual charm has a different meaning and can thus become the bearer of a beautiful message.   On Auverture you have the possibility to shop  a curated selection of Luck, Love, Hope, Peace and Birth

17 May 2018

ST Style | The Best Sculptural Jewellery

Stylist Victoria Bain sums up spring in the elegant shoot in the ST Style; earthy yet elevated looks that were made for balmy evenings with the Fossilized Walrus Cuff and Fossilized Jet Cuff by Monique Péan.

16 April 2018

Centurion Magazine | Teacup Treasures

Gem laden pieces created from intricate insect designs and alluring floral patterns… The Caterpillar Ear Cuff and Spider Brooch by Gaelle Khouri dazzle on a porcelain pretty backdrop in the Teacup Treasures pages of Centurion Magazine.

15 March 2018

UNSANE Film Premier Berlin | Claire Foy – Noor Fares

The beautiful and talented Claire Foy – wearing the Merkaba Drop Earrings and Merkaba Mountain Ring by Noor Fares at the UNSANE Film Premier in Berlin.

15 March 2018

Telegraph Luxury Online | Valentine’s Day Gifts

The Telegraph Luxury online featuring Bibi Van Der Velden, Fernando Jorge and Alice Cicolini for a Valentine’s day gift selection.

18 February 2018

Telegraph Luxury Online | Gaelle Khouri

Gaelle Khouri’s Spider Brooch featured in the Telegraph Luxury Online edition regarding February’s birthstone, Amethyst.  

8 February 2018
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