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Top 5 Statement Necklaces

We have spoken about statement pieces several times, usually earrings, rings too. But what do we really mean with ‘Statement Jewellery’? Simple. It’s a piece of jewellery that stands out from the rest, maybe extravagant, big, different. These pieces can come in any style, shape or form and this time we want to show you our Top 5 Statement Necklaces.

We have chosen one for every style from classical, to edgy, to sexy. Take a look below and let us know which one is your favourite.




This stunning necklace by Annoushka falls within the ‘egdy’ category. The Mythology Spinning Moon Pendant is inspired by the way in which the crescent moon catches the light and is designed as a crescent moon whose surface glows with pavé diamonds and freshwater pearls. The length of the chain is 90cm and the moon spins in a diamond-embellished circular setting. The necklace is set on a 18k white gold chain that’s interspersed with sapphires along its length. It is such a special, and definitely, a statement piece.


Mythology 18ct White Gold Moon Necklace


Mythology Spinning Moon Pendant by Annoushka– €11,600


Marie-Hélène de Taillac


There is no need to pinpoint the category in which the ‘Lady Like Necklace‘ by Marie-Hélène de Taillac falls in. This one-of-a-kind necklace is composed of pastel tones of amethyst and green and pink quartz, all set in 22k yellow gold.  The stones’ subtle colours contrast with their bold, faceted cuts, with the stones designed to look as if they’re “floating” on the neck. This necklace is such a timeless piece and will definitely make heads turn.


Collier Lady Like en or jaune et pierres de couleur 2 Collier Lady Like en or jaune et pierres de couleur 1


Lady Like Necklace by Marie-Hélène de Taillac– €8,950


Bibi van der Velden


As part of her newest collection, Memento MoriBibi van der Velden created this incredible Tulip and Ant Choker. The choker follows the form of a flower, with the tulip’s stem fashioned in 18k rose gold to circle around the neck, to make a delicately-crafted yet striking jewellery statement. At one end of this open-ended design sits a tulip in 18k white and yellow gold, that’s embellished with an opal, moonstone, and blue and orange sapphires, while a small blackened silver ant sits in its petals, too. Meanwhile, a trail of 18k yellow gold and blackened silver ants is set along the choker’s stem, so they appear to crawl around the neck, with some of the insects holding seed pearl “eggs” in their mouths. If you ever want to make a strong statement, this necklace is all you need.  We would definitely put this necklace in the sexy with a hint of edgy, what do you think?


Tulip and Ant Choker, 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, opals, tsavorites, moonstone, blue, orange and yellow sapphires (3)


Tulip and Ant Choker by Bibi van der Velden– €33,990


Elie Top


Elie Top’s fine jewellery is a unique fusion of futuristic and vintage. With his creations’ celestial inspirations and delicate yet mechanical construction, they’re rooted in both the heavens and the earth. This necklace is definitely just that, a mix of technical and celestial, but with a hint of fashion and sexy. This talismanic pendant, designed in 18k yellow gold and distressed silver, is set with a globe in onyx as its focal point. The stone can be displayed, or a smooth gold demi-sphere can be closed over it, to display the smooth orb. The pendant set on a bold chain, with a diamond at the pendant’s neck.


Pluton Pendant Onyx by Elie Top


Pluton Pendant Onyx by Elie Top– €12,000


Ileana Makri


The Grass Leaves Necklace by Ileana Makri can be dressed down or up depending on your preference and is definitely a show stopper. This beauty is made of 18k yellow gold and is embellished with emeralds. The designer looks to nature and the organic beauty of grass and leaves just as the name suggests.




Grass Leaves Necklace by Ileana Makri– €56,800




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