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Sarah Müllertz has a Master’s Degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and is former Partner and Global Head of Design at the internationally acclaimed Henning Larsen Architects. In her jewellery design, Sarah works in the intersection between architecture, design and art with strong influence from Danish and Japanese design tradition as well as international avantgarde art and fashion. Her aesthetic expression is clear and explorative, but grows from classic themes such as her signature Kindred Collection. She experiments with materials, curiously combining the obvious with the unexpected to create timeless pieces driven by her passion for sustainable living – a world of gentle interactions between people and nature.

Kinraden is luxurious jewellery handcrafted from purified pre-used gold and sterling silver. Many of the mini art pieces are embedded with signature Mpingo diamonds from sustainable WWF-protected woods. The business model is strictly circular with an emphasis on respectful interactions with people and nature alike.

Designed for our kindred spirits, KINRADEN is a personal love child born from a passion for beautiful, luxurious design and sustainable transformation. The poetic and timeless mini art pieces are created with respect for people and nature alike and designed to last for generations.

KINRADEN jewellery is handcrafted from highly purified pre-used gold and sterling silver embedded with our velvet black signature Mpingo diamonds. For these we use precious left-over wood from classical clarinet manufacture sourced in WWF-protected parks in Tanzania 

KINRADEN is the 13th century form of ‘kindred’: to be related by blood, as in fact we are on this beautiful planet of ours. Everything we touch inevitably touches the lives of others – it is time to walk ahead with a kinder step. This is our founding philosophy and the sound baseline for everything we do.