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Designing under the label Kova Jewels, Katie Kova – who was born in Siberia, raised in Moscow and is now based in London – draws on her Russian heritage for inspiration for her designs’ striking forms. She notes that she’s inspired by the works of Russian artists Wassily Kandinsky, Liubov Popova, and Alexander Rodchenko, whose works all share a use of arresting colours and graphic forms. Russian painter Kazimir Malevich is also a major influence. He was the founder of the early 20th Century art movement Suprematism, which is based on geometric forms.

Studying business before embarking on jewellery design, Katie is self-taught, and honed her jewellery knowledge through years of research. She’s also inspired by the memories of trips she would make to jewellers such as Cartier and Boucheron with her father and grandfather as a young girl, to choose family gifts.

Another characteristic of Kova Jewels is its use of intriguing, unusual stones. The Half Moon Rhodonite Ring is set with a piece of rhodonite, a mineral whose swirling tones of pink and brown evoke a planet’s surface. And the Smoky Quartz Bracelet is set with amber, lending a warm glow to the design. Katie specifically seeks out stones with inclusions, with the designer believing that those markings “tell the story of a stone.”

Finely-crafted yet powerful, Kova’s designs lend a sense of both strength and chic to the woman who wears them.