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LXC- luxury cave | 'Stag Gazing' editorial


Bibi van der Velden and Venyx have both been highlighted in the LXC Luxury Cave magazine.

Bibi's one of a kind Galaxy Necklace (big), as well as the Galaxy Necklace with Star Orb (small) have been featured. The Galaxy collection is inspired by the mysterious and intriguing cosmos we live in. Her starry jewels take you on a journey through outer space while using 18k gold, and a variety of precious and semi- precious stones including boulder opal, blue sapphires, diamonds, tahitian pearls and so on. Click below to see more of Bibi's pieces.

As for Venyx, it's her beautiful Aruna ring that stars in the picture below. Inspiration for this piece is drawn from the mighty and fiery Sun. The warmth of yellow gold is used along with powerful colour stone combinations to create contrast and shine. As for the name of the ring; in Hindu mythology Aruna is the glow of the rising sun, and the Venyx Aruna pieces are testament to this fiery phenomenon. Crafted in different metal colours and textures they pay tribute to the ephemeral and metamorphic beauty of the rising Sun. See more of Venyx below.

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